Quiz: Plan a Neighborhood Barbecue and We'll Guess What Part of Texas You're From
Plan a Neighborhood Barbecue and We'll Guess What Part of Texas You're From
By: Jennifer Post
Image: Thomas Barwick / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Did you know that in Texas, you don't just invite people over for a "barbecue?" That is, unless you are serving low and slow smoked meat that you've been whipping up for days. Now, if you want to have people over for burger and hot dogs, you invite people over for grilling. In Texas, grilling is meat cooked over charcoal or a high-heat gas flame. They don't expect a whole hog to be rolling up. They know they're getting classic cheeseburgers, steak or hot dogs. People outside Texas may not understand the different, but if you're going to visit or live in Texas, it's best to educate yourself.

There's one other thing Texans can agree on. Neighborhood cook-outs are the best part of summer. Some people have pools, some people have sweet decks and others have lawn games you can only dream of. Living in a neighborhood like that just begs for summer grilling. It can even be a potluck! Have all your neighbors bring over a signature dish and see what happens. Keep the lemonade and iced tea flowing, as well as the conversation. Dying to see if we can guess what part of Texas you're from? Plan a neighborhood barbecue in this quiz and we will!

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Are you smoking any meat for the barbecue?

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What warm weather month is ideal for your barbecue?

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Are you offering classic accoutrement for your barbecue selections??

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How far in advance are you starting the planning process?

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What kind of beverages will be keeping your guests cool?

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What kind of entertainment are you planning?

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Where are you getting the ingredients for your food from?

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What side dishes can your guests expect?

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Let's talk dessert. How many are you having?

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Which flavor of cobbler will be the centerpiece of the dessert table?

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What's the one thing that has to be on the food table?

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What's your favorite thing on the menu?

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What's the first thing you do when all of your guests leave?

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