Plan a Wedding and We'll Guess Which Avenger You Could Marry

Kennita Leon

Image: Marvel Comics

About This Quiz

Weddings can be stressful, but they're also one of the happiest occasions that humans can look forward to during their lives. We're making this an even happier time by throwing the Avengers into the mix. What that means is that we want you to plan a wedding and in exchange for all that hard work, we'll tell you which member of Marvel's most badass team you'll be walking down the aisle with. 

Will your husband soon be the King of Wakanda, the sexy and agile Black Panther? Will you soon be crossing your arms and chanting "Wakanda forever" with the rest of the tribes? Will you marry a god like Thor? Will lightning strike you more than once? Or will you be saying "I do" to Tony Stark? Only the most patient of humans can wrangle this bad boy in. Or is Steve Rogers, aka Captain America more your style? He isn't very fancy, but he will make you happy.

If you want to find out which of these hot superheroes you're destined to wed, then take this quiz. Choose the venue, some flowers, a dress, and how big your bridal party will be. Then we'll tell you exactly what you want to know. 

What season is this wedding taking place in?

Who's paying for it?

What's the budget?

Where is it happening?

How long will you have been planning this special day?

What color scheme do you envision for this day?

Which of these flowers will the ceremony be littered with?

Who's officiating this ceremony?

We probably should've asked earlier, but what kind of wedding are you having?

Who's going to be the ringbearer?

What will your signature cocktail be called?

What kind of bar will you have?

And what about the food?

How tall will your wedding cake be?

And what flavor will it have?

What kind of musical entertainment are you hiring?

How would you like your wedding to end?

What kind of vehicle are you getting away in?

Which of these cities would you love to honeymoon in?

Which part of the wedding are you most looking forward to?

Now tell us about your spouse to be. How long have you guys known each other?

How did you meet?

Was it love at first sight?

Where did you go on your first date?

How long did you guys date before sharing your first kiss?

And what about doing the deed?

Do your friends and family like your spouse to be?

What's the best thing about your relationship?

Do you guys want kids?

Did you always know that you would end up marrying them one day?

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