Plan an Elaborate Wedding and We'll Guess What Color Dominates Your Wardrobe

Haiden Steingass

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Do your friends tell you that you wear the same color over and over again? Maybe you walk in your closet, and all you see is a sea of black. We all have that one hue in which we feel most confident, so there's no shame in rocking white, red, or pink, day in and day out. In this quiz, we'll get the chance to reveal what that color is, while you spend some time in "la la land" planning your future wedding. 

You've probably dreamed of your wedding day as often as you've spent time staring at your closet, wondering what to wear. It's something you have looked forward to your entire life, so it's never a bad idea to have some ideas in mind. Will you get married in the summer or winter? What will the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear? Did you even consider what will happen if it rains that day? Throw logic (and a reasonable budget) to the wind because it's time to plan the most elaborate wedding your pretty little mind can dream up. 

After taking this quiz, we'll guess what color dominates your wardrobe! Who knows, maybe your outcome will help you determine what your real wedding color should be!

What kind of venue will you have?

What will the wedding colors be?

What color will the groomsmen's suits be?

What style will the wedding dress be?

What kind of cake will you have?

What's the one thing you have to have on the registry?

How many bridesmaids will there be?

What style of dress will the bridesmaids wear?

In what month will you get married?

What food will be served at the rehearsal dinner?

What food will be served at the reception?

What kind of flowers will you have?

What kind of music will be played?

Where will the rehearsal dinner be held?

What will your budget be?

Will you have a wedding planner?

How formal will the guests' attire be?

Do you want a videographer?

Will you do a "first look"?

Where will your engagement photos be taken?

What will the invitations look like?

Where will you register?

On what kind of chairs will the guests sit?

What will the altar look like?

Who will marry you two?

What kind of transportation will there be for the bride and groom?

What flavor is the cake?

What cut is the diamond on your engagement ring?

What will the guest favors be?

What will the readings be?

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