Plan Your Dream Wedding and We'll Guess How Old You'll Be When You Get Married

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On mostly everyone's list of things to do in their lifetime - along with landing an amazing job, having children, traveling the world and building or buying your dream home - is getting married.

Most people have an idea as to when or around what age they would like to settle down, but as we know, things don't usually work out the way that we have planned. Break-ups happen, we move to new places for jobs or family, and even when we commit, the people that we are with turn out to be completely different from who we thought they were.

Many people have begun planning their weddings long before they meet the person who they want to commit to, and with each wedding they attend, the list of things they want keeps getting longer and longer. 

Whether or not you've met the person of your dreams, would you like to know when you will be tying the knot? Will it be in your early twenties, or will you be waiting over six decades to say your "I dos"? If you would like to find out, all you have to do is plan your dream wedding. When you are done, we will tell you when you will be walking down the aisle. 

What is the budget for your wedding?

Do you think that you will stick to your wedding budget?

Which celebrity wedding inspires you?

Who helped you to plan the wedding?

What is the most important aspect of the wedding?

Are children allowed at your wedding?

How many people will you invite?

Which season will your wedding be in?

What are your wedding colors?

Where will the wedding ceremony be held?

Will the reception be at the same location as the ceremony?

How large is the wedding party?

Who will be walking you down the aisle?

Who will be officiating the service?

Who wrote your vows?

Who is your maid of honor or best man?

Choose a something old and something blue combination?

What kind of flowers will be in the bouquet?

Which of these songs will your first dance be to?

How will you be keeping your guests entertained?

If your spouse were to surprise you with a celebrity artist, who would it be?

Which of these appetizers will you be passing around?

What will be your signature drink?

How many tiers will your wedding cake have?

What flavor will your cake be?

What kind of cake topper do you want?

Which of these will you have as a main course option?

Which of these exotic locations will you visit for your honeymoon?

What will you be giving your guests in their goodie bags?

How do you want your dream wedding to end?

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