Plan Your Dream Wedding And We'll Tell You Which Celebrity You'd Marry

By: Khadija Leon
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LET'S GET MARRIED! While planning a wedding is always exciting, it's probably not as exciting as the actual day when you get married to the love of your life. But who is that person? From the theme colors to the type of flowers, plan your dream wedding and we'll tell you which celebrity you should marry!

Every year, there are millions of people who take the leap and get married. While many of them opt for a simple ceremony at court, others are spending their time and savings on an extravagant wedding. When it comes to planning weddings, some people choose to do it on their own while others get a wedding planner. Regardless of if you have help or not, what are you looking for in the perfect wedding? Are you getting married in a church or outside in a garden or at the beach? What time would you be saying "I do?" Would you rather a DJ or a band? What song would play in the background for your first dance as a married couple?

Answer these questions and we'll tell you which celebrity you should marry! If you're a little... anal-retentive, you might need someone to balance you out and help you relax. You'd definitely be suited for the attractive and charismatic Will Smith. Or do you need someone sweet and caring that will let you cry a river when you're upset? You might find Justin Timberlake at the end of your aisle!

We can answer this burning question for you if you take out quiz! 

What cut of ring are you expecting?

What style of dress or tux will you be wearing?

Which designer created the outfit?

How many tiers will your cake have?

What flavor will it be?

What kind of flowers will be incorporating into the bouquet?

Who is walking you down the aisle?

Which of these celebs would you like to officiate your wedding?

Which of these quotes will you include in your vows?

How will you be getting to the wedding venue?

How many guests are you expecting?

How many people are in your wedding party?

What kind of food are you planning on serving?

Who is paying for the wedding?

What kind of entertainment will you have?

How much is the budget for the wedding?

Which of these things is going to be at your wedding?

What time of day will it be held?

How will you be ending the wedding?

What time of year will your wedding be?

Which of these gifts will you be giving your guests?

Which of these colors will your theme be?

Your dream honeymoon destination will be…

How would you describe your fiancé?

What is the first thing that you plan to do after the wedding?

Which Disney pair remind you of you and your significant other?

Which of these venues do you prefer?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how stressful is planning a wedding?

Which wedding show would you appear on?

How would you like to be proposed to?

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