Plan Your Dream Wedding and We'll Tell You Which Disney Villain You're Marrying

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In every Disney movie, you can find four different kinds of characters: princesses, heroes, sidekicks, and villains. If we are being completely honest, these movies would not be as successful as they are if the villains that they created didn't exist. While we all love to see the "happily ever after" endings, many of us enjoy watching the demise of these characters even more.

Some of the most memorable villains include Shan Yu, Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, Ursula, Dr. Facilier, Yzma, Jafar, Scar, The Red Queen and Hades. They have been seen doing all kinds of dastardly and devious acts, some of which includes kidnapping, fraud, attempted murder, grand theft, cruelty to animals, blackmail, assault, negligence, perjury and destruction of property. While a few of them have seen the error their ways, their capture has only fueled their need for revenge.

Would you like to know which Disney villain you will be reciting your vows to? Will choosing a black and purple color scheme indicate that you will be walking down the aisle to meet Ursula or will selecting a designer outfit have you kissing Cruella? There is only one way to find out, and that is by taking this quiz!

What is the budget for your wedding?

How many people are you going to invite?

What is the theme of your wedding?

What time of day will it be held?

What time of year will it be held?

What was the inspiration for your big day?

Where will you be having the wedding ceremony?

Where will the reception be held?

Where will you be going to on honeymoon?

What kind of ring do you want?

Who is going to be the ringbearer?

Who will be walking you down the aisle?

Which of these celebs would you want to officiate your wedding?

Which of these Disney characters will be your best man/ maid of honor?

What color outfits will the wedding party be wearing?

If you are wearing a dress, what style will it be?

What kind of flowers will be in the bouquet?

How many tiers tall will your cake be?

What flavor did you go with?

What kind of topper goes on the cake?

Which of these hor d’ouvres will be passed around?

What will you be using as a centerpiece?

What will you be serving as your main course?

Which of these has to be on your desert station?

Which of these “evil-themed” drinks will be your signature drink?

Will you be having an open bar?

What kind of entertainment will you be having?

Which of these extras would you pay for?

What will you be giving your guests as a favor?

How will you like to be sent off?

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