Plan Your Next Tattoo and We'll Guess How Many You Already Have

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There are three kinds of tattoo fans in the world. The first kind likes looking at the art on other people but would never get a tattoo on themselves. The second loved the idea so much they gave it a try, and that was it. They're done with it. The third kind gets a tattoo then realize what tattoo they should have gotten instead, and then get that one.  Then another. Then another.

Now you might be interested to hear that if you were to answer some simple questions about the kind of tattoo you'd like to get next, we can deduce with some Sherlock Holmesian reasoning how many tattoos you already have. Impossible, you say? Elementary, we say! Just answer these simple questions so we can peek into your tattooed inner self. 

Let us know your thoughts on New School vs. Japanese. Be honest about whether you'd rather have a tattoo on your shoulder or your ribs.  Spill the beans about whether you're more moved by watercolor or some old school black and grey. Bare your tattooed soul, and we'll tell you just how many tattoos you already have. It's our gift! Now take the quiz!

Where's the perfect spot for your next tattoo to go?

What style would you try for your next tattoo?

Where would you never, ever get inked?

If you were to get a portrait tattoo done, who would it be a portrait of?

How much color do you want in your tattoo?

If you could get a tattoo from any artist, who would it be?

If your next tattoo was an animal, what kind of animal would it be?

What's the most overrated kind of tattoo out there?

What city would you get your tattoo in if you could go anywhere on Earth?

Which celebrity has the worst tattoos?

What's the most important thing to consider about getting your next tattoo?

How would you hide your tattoo if you were going to a job interview?

What are you going to consider most when choosing a tattoo design?

How important is it that the tattoo have a lot of personal meaning?

Do you come to a tattoo shop with a design already?

What do you think of American Traditional tattoos?

If you were getting a New School tattoo, what kind of design would you choose?

What do you think of tribal tattoos?

Would you ever let an apprentice artist tattoo you?

What's the worst way your tattoo could get screwed up?

Suppose your tattoo comes out all jacked up, how would you fix it?

Which one of these classic images would you consider getting?

What place would be too painful to get tattooed?

How long do you think you could sit for a tattoo?

How do you pass the time while getting a tattoo?

How do you research a tattoo artist ahead of time?

If you were getting words tattooed on yourself, what kind of typeface would you pick?

What's the best way to memorialize someone with a tattoo?

What would your parents think of your tattoo?

How much time would you put into deciding on a new tattoo?

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