Plan Your Perfect Brunch, and We'll Tell You Which Country You Should Vacation In!

By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

Anyone who loves brunch knows that it's a great excuse to dress up and eat before lunch time. Brunch usually equates itself to having a lavish lifestyle and being on vacation. So, we want you to plan the perfect brunch. 

Tell us what kind of bacon you want, if you prefer tea, coffee or both, what kind of fruits you want to eat, and what you're putting on top of your pancakes. In return for all this information, we're going to tell you which country you should go to for vacation. 

Maybe we'll recommend that you go to Germany? Germany is the land of the sausage, but they also have amazing beer. This country is known for its beautiful, quaint cities, so our options are endless. Or maybe you'll get France. France is known for being the place to go to if you want to fall in love, so perhaps you'll fall in love with the brunch over there. 

Or maybe you'll get England. Because this is the land of tea and crumpets, brunch will never go out of style. Or, if you're lucky, you'll get Holland. The air is fresh, and the people are friendly - what more could you want? 

So, if you're curious to find out where you should book a trip to next, take our quiz! And be sure to have brunch over there too! 

Where is the brunch?

How will you get to brunch?

What time is brunch?

Who else is at brunch?

Orange juice or screwdriver?

How do you take your eggs?

Bacon, turkey bacon, or fake bacon?

How many calories do you consume?

Do you dine al fresco?

Is the waiter polite?

How much do you tip for bad service?

How much do you tip for outstanding service?

If you caught the eye of a diner at the next table, how would you react?

What is your preferred brunch outfit?

How long does brunch last?

Do you ever brunch on a weekday?

How about on a holiday Monday?

Tea or coffee?

French toast, rye toast, white bread, or brioche?

What pastry do you choose?

Seasonal fruits or other fruits?

Which juice will you drink?

What extra luxury item will be on the table?

Do you ever host brunch at home?

Do you ever go to a networking brunch?

Which jam do you like best?

What goes on your pancakes?

How crispy should the bacon be?

What music is playing?

Who planned the brunch?

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