Plan Your Perfect Wedding and We'll Guess How Soon You'll Have Your First Baby

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One of the most common misconceptions in today's cultural map is that the nuclear family of a mom, a dad, and 2.4 kids was "the way things always were" in American - or indeed Western - culture. In fact, that model's dominance is a relatively fleeting historical phenomenon. 

In the frontier states, it was common for women to have a few husbands since there were so few women and the men kept dying. In Utah, polygamy was common, which meant one man had multiple wives. In some traditions, a couple would move in together but not be considered married until they had a baby. In London - which follows similar cultural patterns to American cities - 50% of babies born in the year 1800 were born outside wedlock. People didn't get married in their teens, either; median age at first marriage in the US in 1890 was 26 for men, and 22 for women. Only during the Baby Boom was it common to marry at 20 or younger.

Thus, the nuclear model is seen as "the way things were" because a majority of today's older folks were born with it, but it's historically more aspirational than standard unless you were quite affluent. It was, however, standard for a majority of people for a period of 30 years in which society grew massively more affluent. What this means in practice is that most people would prefer to be married before they have a baby (but if it doesn't work out that way, they're in good company). Still, if marriage is your personal gold standard, that's great for you - and that means you probably have an idea how your wedding might look. Let's see what that tells us about your baby-having future!

What will you wear?

What time of year will it be?

What's your budget?

How many guests will there be?

What food will you serve?

Who will officiate?

How long have you known the best man and maid of honor?

What sort of rings will you have?

Will you write your own vows?

What sort of band will you have?

How expensive is the priciest item on the registry?

Where will you register?

Will all the wedding events occur on the same day?

What sort of special entertainer will you have?

Who will pay for the wedding?

How long will it take to do your hair and makeup?

What excuse will you use to make sure that insane cousin doesn't show up?

Will you have security?

What time of day will the wedding start?

How late will it go?

Will you have a fancy photographer?

Will you give a speech?

Will you let anyone else tell you who to invite?

Will you have people's kids at the wedding?

Will your partner be an equal partner in planning it?

How far ahead of time will you send a save the date?

What will the invitations be like?

What will the cake be like?

Would you want to get in the newspaper with your wedding?

Who will walk you down the aisle?

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