Plan Your Pinterest Perfect Wedding and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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Pinterest is overloaded with inspiration, most of which is focused on weddings. There was a time when mason jars were all you would see at a wedding, often with an element of burlap. Then it was jewel-toned bridesmaid dresses. Where did all of these people get the same idea? You guessed it. Pinterest.

Did you know that your Pinterest habits can also say a lot about your life? Pinning a lot of recipes could mean that you spend a lot of time experimenting in the kitchen. Pinning workouts usually means you care about physical fitness. Pinning wedding things could mean that you are actually planning a wedding, or just simply dreaming.

Where you are at in your relationship can also impact your pinning habits. The longer you've been with someone and the more comfortable you are with them, the more likely you are to be open about pinning wedding inspiration. Your SO won't get freaked out, and you're free to pin away, knowing that what you pin now probably won't be in style when you're actually getting down to planning your wedding. But that's okay! Plan your Pinterest perfect wedding and see if we can guess your relationship status!

What season do you want to get married?

What type of centerpiece do you want?

What will your cocktail hour menu feature?

How will you decorate the venue?

Are you having an engagement photoshoot?

How elaborate will your invitations be?

What style of dress are you going with?

What do you want at your wedding that is a splurge, but will have everyone green with envy?

Will you have kids at your wedding?

What will your "something blue" be?

What kind of shoes are you wearing?

What color scheme are you going for?

What is the dress code for guests?

What type of engagement ring do you like?

Are you writing your own vows?

What are your guests getting as favors?

What is your signature cocktail?

What type of venue do you envision?

What are you offering your guests for a late night snack?

Are you doing a lot of DIY?

How many entrees will you serve?

Are you doing anything unique?

Will you have an "unplugged" ceremony?

How do you feel about dogs at weddings?

What is your budget?

Are you getting your wedding party gifts?

What flavor will your wedding cake be?

Where's the honeymoon?

How many guests are you having?

How did you meet your future husband?

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