Plan Your Wedding And We'll Guess Your Birthday Month

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You have met your soulmate, and you've set the date. Now, it's time to plan the wedding of your dreams! Let's look at every detail from your wedding party to the entree you will serve at your reception. By the time you're ready to walk down the aisle, you will give away your birthday month! 

One of the first challenges a marriage faces is the planning of a wedding. Some couples relish every moment, and other couples choose to elope to avoid the logistics. There's no right or wrong way to get married, but we would love to hear what the wedding of your dreams looks like. 

As we go through this quiz, your wedding choices will tell us about the type of person you are. But, we'll be able to take it one step further. We'll be able to guess your birthday month. Each nuptial option you choose gives away a little more about you, and it helps us to hone in on the month you were born! 

Say yes to the dress that suits you best, and we'll do the rest. Do your tastes in rings make you born in the summer or the winter? Let us figure it out!

Which flower will you highlight in your bouquet?

Will you wear a white gown?

Will you wear a veil?

Will will serve as your maid-of-honor?

What entree will you serve at your reception?

Will you see the groom before the ceremony?

Where would you rather go on your honeymoon?

Will you hire a wedding planner?

Where would you rather get married?

Which wedding theme do you like most?

Will your wedding bands have diamonds?

Will you write any of your own vows?

Will you do your own wedding makeup?

Will your dress be more like Kate Middleton's or Meghan Markle's?

How many people will you invite?

Will there be any children in your wedding ceremony?

Which gift are you more likely to give your wedding party?

When will you do your wedding photos?

Will you wear a separate gown to your reception?

What will you line the aisle with?

How will you play the bridal march song?

Will you have any sort of unity ceremony?

Will you have a live band or a DJ at your reception?

Which word best describe the garter you will wear?

What kind of shoes will you wear with your dress?

Where are you more likely to register?

Who will walk you down the aisle?

Will you carry tissues in case you cry?

Will you have a drink before the ceremony?

What will your guests shower you with as you leave the ceremony?

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