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One of the most remarkable tool inventions of the 20th century was the plasma cutter. Today, it is becoming increasingly useful in more and more fields of work, as well as being smaller and more affordable. Find out how much do you know about the plasma cutter by taking this quiz.

Why do we use metal components to build industrial and everyday items?

Metal components have the properties of both strength and durability.


When was the plasma cutter introduced?

The plasma cutter has been around since World War II (early 1940s).


What was the breakthrough discovery that led to the invention of the plasma cutter?

If you charged a gas with an electric current, it protected a weld from oxidation and made for cleaner joints.


During the 1960s, what did engineers discover about the cutting properties of a gas that was heated to very high temperatures?

Engineers discovered that when you heat gas to high temperatures, it cuts through metal almost like butter, as opposed to behaving like a welder.


What are the four states of matter in the universe?

The four states of matter are solid, liquid, gas and plasma, the latter being the most common in the universe.


Which state of matter fits the description: It has a fixed volume but no fixed shape?

The properties of a liquid are that it has a fixed volume but no shape.


What happens to molecules with the application of heat?

With heat, molecules break loose of the bonds that they have when they're in a colder state.


In a plasma, where would you find the electrons?

The negatively charged electrons would be separated from the positively charged nucleus.


What is another name for the positively charged nuclei?

They're known as ions.


What happens to rapid-moving electrons when they collide with one another in a plasma state?

These rapid-moving electrons release enormous amounts of energy.


What is a good example of plasma on our planet Earth?

Beyond planet Earth, there is an abundance of plasma, but here on Earth, lightning is a good example of something that contains plasma.


Can cool plasma cut metals?

No, cool plasma (such as that in neon signs) can't cut metal; only hot plasma can.


How small can a plasma cutter be?

The smallest, most compact plasma cutters are small enough to be handheld.


Which of these gases might be found in a plasma cutter?

You might find nitrogen or oxygen in a plasma cutter.


How hot can the plasma be in a plasma cutter?

Plasma can reach temperatures of 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit (16,649 degrees Celsius).


Why do plasma cutters have shielding gas flowing around the cutting area?

The shielding gas is there in order to maintain contact between the metal and the cutter and to control the unpredictable nature of plasma.


Why do locksmiths use plasma cutters?

They use plasma cutters in order to bore holes through safes and vaults when there is no other way of getting them open.


What has changed financially over the years regarding the purchase of plasma cutters?

Plasma cutters have become increasingly affordable to the small-time artist and metalworker.


What do artists use plasma cutters for?

They use them to bevel cuts finely and to bore precise holes and cuts in metals.


What does the plasma cutter have that enables you to measure and cut metal without even touching it.

It has a CNC mechanism that allows you to digitally measure and cut without laying a hand on the metal.


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