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Plasma televisions have, to a large degree, replaced the older cathode ray tube (CRT) versions. While they are an impressive part of your home décor, they do need basic care. Whether you have a CRT or a flat computer screen, take this quiz and find what you need to know about screen care.

What is the most impressive feature of a big plasma television?

Viewers love the big, bright, crisp display allowing them to see fine details.


If your neighbor's older screen is clearer than yours, what is the probable reason?

Static electricity attracts dust that reduces the clarity of the display.


What is one way to keep little fingers from smudging your screen?

Mounting it out of reach can help.


Should you clean your plasma screen with window cleaner and a paper towel?

You should not use window cleaner, which will probably do more damage than good.


What could result from not cleaning the screen according to the manufacturer's instructions?

You could violate the warranty of the screen.


What do manufacturers recommend to use to wipe plasma screens?

Microfiber cloths will not scratch the screen, whereas paper products can do so.


Is spraying a small amount of alcohol on the screen and carefully wiping with a microfiber cloth the correct way to clean the screen?

Alcohol, benzene or any other volatile solvents can damage the screen.


If you see a section on "image cleaner" in the user manual, what is being discussed?

A phenomenon of plasma technology is a paused image "sticking" or being "burned" on the screen. While the image usually disappears after a while, this function clears the image.


How can you help prevent image burn?

Lowering contrast level to less than 50 percent will help.


When does image burn usually occur?

This usually happens during the first 100 hours of use.


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