Play a Game of Never Have I Ever and We'll Give You a Stripper Name

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Of all the drinking and party games in the world, from "Quarters" to "Truth or Dare" to "Beer Pong," none of them are anywhere near as exciting or revealing as "Never Have I Ever." The game has a nice way of digging to the core of someone's innermost thoughts and fears in a fun and exploitative way. 

You can use your turn as a weapon against others if you know or want to know their secrets or you can turn it on yourself and show the room who you really are. It all depends on your personality and, of course, how comfortable you are with the other players. It's like a next-level ice-breaker cutting through pretense like a hot knife through butter. Basically, it exposes the duality inside of all of us; the person we show to the world and the parts we keep hidden. And do you know what else can do that? A good stripper name.

Sure, some people may think stripper names are silly but what are they if not a simple, fun expression of your inner self? This is who you'd be without your guard up. This is the exposed you, literally and figuratively. So why not play a game of "Never Have I Ever" and reveal your stripper name?

Never have I ever danced in high-heels for strangers.

Never have I ever worn lingerie outside of the bedroom.

Never have I ever had any experience with a pole.

Never have I ever tried to make a weird, old '80s song sexy.

Never have I ever wanted an entire room of people to focus on nothing but me.

Never have I ever paid a cover charge to get into a bar.

Never have I ever heard Nine Inch Nails more than once while I was at work.

Never have I ever ordered a topping on a pizza not because I wanted it but because I knew someone else didn't.

Is dating a good friend's ex something you've ever done?

Never have I ever included songs on a playlist I'd be embarrassed to let other people hear.

Remember that this is a judgment-free zone. Have you ever eaten raw hot dogs?

We're talking stripper names here so, you know ... never have I ever been naked in front of strangers.

Never have I ever called someone a name so foul I'd feel bad if my mom heard me say it.

Never have I ever done the Safety Dance.

Not to get too personal, but have you ever spent the entire day in your pajamas?

Never have I ever eaten an entire container of ice cream by myself.

Never have I ever sat through a movie I hated just to please my significant other.

Never have I ever pretended to like someone's cooking even though it tasted like bleach.

Brace yourself for this one. Never have I ever skipped a shower.

Never have I ever lied during a job interview.

Everyone makes poor decisions when they're young, right? Never have I ever stolen something.

Never have I ever thrown the first punch in a fight.

Never have I ever torn someone to shreds on social media.

We're getting a little saucy here. Never have I ever sent private pics to someone.

Never have I ever re-gifted a present I didn't like.

Never have I ever heard a strange noise in the house and immediately thought it might be a horror movie villain.

Never have I ever pretended to be on the phone to avoid talking to someone.

Feel free to consider this one childish, but never have I ever blamed a fart on someone else.

Never have I ever canceled plans because I just wanted to lay on the couch and watch Netflix all night.

Never have I ever been totally honest in a game of "Never Have I Ever."

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