Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess Your Eye Color

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This game isn't just for sleepovers or long bus rides with your team! Would you rather live with your ex for a year or date your boss? Believe it or not, the way you respond to these types of questions in a game of “Would You Rather” can tell people a lot more about you than you might think! In fact, it can even predict your eye color.

Did you know that each eye color is said to have a different set of personality traits? While those with blue eyes are often considered attractive and calming, folks with brown eye are said to be confident and determined. If you have hazel eyes, there’s a good chance you are mysterious or adventurous. Greened-eyed people, however, tend to look at the world with a healthy dose of caution.

Tell us if you would rather eat a raw turnip or give up your favorite food for a month, and we’ll do our best to tell you what color peepers you have! All we ask of you is that you answer these questions as honestly as possible, so we can give you as accurate an answer as we can!

Would you rather be considered mysterious or bold?

Would you rather marry your best friend or kiss a complete stranger?

Would you rather go skydiving or swim with sharks?

Would you rather drink pickle juice or expired milk?

Would you rather slow dance with Homer Simpson or dine with Montgomery Burns?

Would you rather learn a new dance move or a new yoga pose?

Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island or left behind in an abandoned city?

Would you rather have dinner with the Queen of England or with Oprah Winfrey?

Would you rather let your fingernails grow for a year or give up shaving?

Would you rather go on an Alaskan cruise or a Hawaiian vacation?

Would you rather grow old gracefully or be a perpetual 19-year-old?

Would you rather live in the mountains or live at the beach?

Would you rather give up coffee or give up soda?

Would you rather have an unlimited shopping spree at Target or at Nordstrom?

Would you rather learn how to pilot an airplane or how to captain a ship?

Would you rather walk to work for a week or skip lunch for a month?

Would you rather have Botox or a microderm abrasion?

Would you rather have nightmares for a week or stay awake for three days straight?

Would you rather have hot fudge or sprinkles on a sundae?

Would you rather do your own car maintenance or buy a new car?

Would you rather eat a plate of raw shrimp or a plate of hot wings?

Would you prefer to go ice skating or snowboarding?

Would you rather be able to sing like a diva or dance like Beyonce?

Would you rather have a llama or a pet dolphin?

Would you rather go to work nude or belch during a quiet speech?

Would you rather meet your favorite singer or the president?

Would you rather take a bath in tomato juice or smell like a skunk for a day?

Would you rather give all your savings to charity or blow it in Vegas?

Would you rather talk on the phone or receive a text?

Would you rather date your first love again or spend 25 years being single?

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