Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess Your Favorite Disney Hunk

Khadija Leon

Image: Walt Disney Pictures

About This Quiz

"Would you rather" is a party-type conversation game where a person is presented with different dilemmas and situations in a question-like format, asking them to choose one of the options. The answer the person selects is said to be indicative of certain personality traits and characteristics. At the end of the game, you have a better understanding of the person answering the questions. 

In the same way that we all have to make choices, we also have favorites - like a favorite food, a favorite television show, and a favorite Disney hunk. Apart from their catchy tunes, Disney is known for creating likable, relatable and in many ways, unforgettable characters. Many of them happen to be hunky male characters.

We've all played would you rather, so here's another opportunity to do so. Tell us which scenario you would rather do or experience and at the end, we will try to guess which of the Disney's sexiest male characters is your favorite? Will we get it right? There is only one way to find out!

Would you rather have 10 amazing years left to live or 25 less than average years?

Would you rather stay without watching television for a month or without using the internet for a week?

Would you rather meet an alien or meet God?

Would you rather have an arranged marriage or marry a bad ex?

Would you rather be a telepath or invisible?

Would you rather know your date and time of death or how it is going to happen?

Would you rather be funny or intelligent?

Would you rather not wash your face for a week or not wash your hands for a month?

Would you rather hurt a friend’s feelings, or would you prefer if they embarrassed you?

Would you rather watch a marathon of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

Would you rather travel to space or explore the depths of the ocean?

Would you rather be in prison for 10 years or be exiled by your family for 20?

Would you rather have a constant itch or would you prefer to always feel sweaty?

Would you rather eat dung beetles for $10,000 or dip your head into a bin of rats for $20,000?

Would you rather go back in time to alter your future or go to your future to ensure your survival?

Would you rather wear uncomfortable stylish clothing or comfortable clothing with holes?

Would you rather spend an entire year in summer time or the same amount of time in the winter?

Would you rather be with someone who you loved you but cheated on you or be with someone you didn’t love you but was faithful?

Would you rather have money and be alone or be poor and have many friends?

Would you rather be without your cellphone or your computer?

Would you prefer to forget your towel after bathing in a public shower or not have enough toilet paper to wipe yourself after #2?

Would you prefer if your date left you to pay the bill or if one of their exes showed up during the date?

Would you rather drink water for a year or drink soda for a month?

Would you rather sit in traffic for two hours or miss your flight?

Would you rather have an affair with Chris Hemsworth or date both of his brothers?

Would you prefer if people always told you the truth or if they lied to make you feel better?

Would you rather have a free lifetime supply of coffee or $1,000 worth of groceries a year?

Would you rather lose your sense of sight or your sense of hearing?

Would you rather hang out with Cinderella or with Rapunzel?

Would you rather be bald or grow hair three times as fast as everyone else?

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