Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Tell You How Fearless You Are

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About This Quiz

Our fancy game of "Would You Rather" will put you through the ringer, but you'll love every second of it. Do you think you are more or less fearless than the average person? To gauge how courageous you are, the "Would You Rather" game is designed for accuracy. You might not be 100% certain about all of the choices, but we're betting there's an option just for you. 

While some of us go fearlessly into the night, a lot of us have to carry flashlights everywhere the minute the sun falls. Telling us if you would rather eat sharp glass or swallow a cup full of mosquitos might not sound like a reasonable way to determine your level of fearlessness, but we are confident we have you covered. 

We'll ask you to put your best and most imaginative foot forward for this game. Simply put - if you find this game frightening, you may not be as fearless as you would like to believe. 

Try not to laugh to much at yourself. Although it's good for the soul, we need you to keep a straight face so we can sum you up with sincerity. Are you ready to give it a try? Or are you scared?

Would you rather be able to time travel or be able to read minds?

Would you rather binge watch "Shameless" or "Ancient Aliens?"

Would you rather eat a plate of raw Brussel sprouts or chew someone else's used gum?

Would you rather be a dog or a shark in your next life?

Would you rather give up meat or dairy?

Would you rather spend the weekend with your boss or with your ex?

Would you rather get stuck at the airport or at work for a week?

Would you rather change the past or see the future?

Would you rather star in a film or make an album?

Would you rather be stranded on an island or in the desert?

Would you rather visit outer space or the White House?

Would you rather give up the internet or give up your car?

Would you rather spend the winter in Alaska or the summer in Ecuador?

Would you rather hold an earthworm or a tarantula?

Would you rather be caught in a zombie apocalypse or trapped forever with your coworkers?

Would you rather become a lion tamer or a snake charmer?

Would you rather walk barefoot across hot coals or barefoot across a frozen lake?

Would you rather grow a 4-foot long mustache or never cut your hair again?

Would you rather have 14 children or 28 puppies?

Would you rather meet Beyonce or meet Madonna?

Would you rather stay awake for a week or sleep for a month?

Would you rather eat a cricket or eat a grub?

Would you rather give up coffee or give up beer?

Would you rather drink a glass of vinegar or lick your own foot?

Would you rather give a speech about your life or write a book?

Would you rather be able to fly or be able to hold your breath underwater for an hour at a time?

Would you rather be a fire fighter or a police officer?

Would you rather kiss your boss or give all your money to a stranger?

Would you rather go on "The Jerry Springer Show" or "Rachel Ray?"

Would you rather apologize for something you didn't do or admit you were wrong?

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