Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess If You're Gen X, Baby Boomer, or a Millennial

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While all people have some fundamental things in common, each generation has its own way of thinking that can cause clashes with those younger and older than it. That's why as people age they become vulnerable to responding, "When I was your age."  If we're being honest, unless you are very young, you've probably caught yourself saying the dreaded phrase on more than one occasion. 

Even though the concept of generations did not start with Baby Boomers, pop culture and employers tend to focus on Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z because they are the most numerous generations. Unfortunatelythere are not many members of the Lost Generation, the G.I Generation, and the Silent Generation left.  If you're keeping track, the youngest members of the Silent generation are in their 70s, which means the Lost Generation and the G.I. Generation is comprised of people in their 80s, 90s and 100s. 

The news often talks about the clashes between the generations alive today and how they are different, but not everyone agrees with the general assessment of their generation. Do people frequently think you're a member of a younger generation? Are you a Baby Boomer who's closer to Gen X than the older members of your generation? Or are you a Millennial who gets confused with Gen Z? Could this quiz give you some insight into why? There's only one way to discover the right generation for you, so take this quiz! 

Would you rather listen to a week of nothing but Taylor Swift or nothing but Milli Vanilli?

Would you rather stand in line for a week for tickets to a concert or know that you'll never be able to see your favorite artist live?

Would you rather eat Big Macs every day for a year or only be able to eat salads for two years?

Would you rather be forced to binge watch a show you hate or only allowed to watch your favorite show once?

Would you rather spend a month not being able to leave Disney World or a month unable to leave your house?

Would you rather be forced to stay awake for a 24-hour movie marathon or for a 24-hour dance-a-thon?

Would you rather be locked in a room with Pennywise or Chucky?

Would you rather be forced to wear sneakers every day or slippers?

Would you rather spend a week straight playing Call of Duty or Fortnite with minimal sleep?

Would you rather only be able to own a Smart Car or only be allowed to drive a Hummer?

Would you rather watch every Adam Sandler movie back to back or every Game of Thrones episode back to back?

Would you rather go back to pre-internet days or make do with dial up?

Would you rather only be able to read the book or watch the movie of a story?

Would you rather only be able to listen to audio books or only be able to read a hard copy of a book?

Would you rather get your news solely from television or solely from the internet?

Would you rather be forced to use Firefox or Chrome as your internet browser?

Would you rather go on a one-way trip to Mars or be stranded on a desert island for the remainder of your life?

Would you rather sing bad karaoke in front of a stadium of people or dance awkwardly in front of them?

Would you rather take the New York City subway during rush hour or get stuck in Los Angeles traffic?

Would you rather be president of a country or CEO of a large company?

Would you rather deal with pop-ups on every website or be unable to fast forward through commercials?

Would you rather be forced to use cassettes to listen to music or only be able to listen to music on vinyl?

Would you rather bungee jump off the world's tallest building or go cave diving?

Would you rather be forced to carry around an old fashioned bag phone or only be able to use a pay phone?

Would you rather read 100 romance novels or 100 thrillers?

Would you rather talk like Jar Jar Binks or Yoda?

Would you rather be a news anchor or a cast member on "Saturday Night Live?"

Would you rather spend 24 hours at a zoo or at an aquarium?

Would you rather invite your parents to your wild party or attend your parents' boring party?

Would you rather throw the first pitch at a baseball game or carry the Olympic torch?

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