Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess Your Favorite Color

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

You will give away more about yourself during this game of "Would You Rather" than you would like to admit. However, this quiz is only concerned with seeing how accurately we can figure out your favorite color. If you have ever tried to decide on the perfect new paint color for a room, you realize just how many colors there are out there to choose from. 

As we color outside the line with this game, we are sure we will be able to figure out which color you love above all others. Every color has certain traits associated with it. By getting to know you, we think the color you prefer the most will be obvious. You don't have to be serene like the sea to love the color blue, but it does provide us with a few clues. 

Your game of "Would You Rather" will both challenge you and make you question yourself. Seeing how you respond to each of our questions or our scenarios will go a long way to helping us figure out the color you would like to paint the world. Will we get it right? You have to play the game to know for sure! 

Would you rather eat an orange or an apple?

Would you rather have tea or have coffee?

Would you rather be seen as bold or subtle?

Would you rather paint your bedroom tangerine or lime green?

Would you rather own a painting by Van Gogh or by Picasso?

Would you rather have chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Would you rather have green olives or black olives on a pizza?

Would you rather wear a pink or a purple shirt?

Would you rather have a cat or a dog?

Would you rather wear black or red to a formal event?

Would you rather decorate for Halloween or for Christmas?

Would you prefer wearing black or white underwear?

Would you rather have a mimosa or a Bloody Mary?

Would you rather see a rainbow or watch the sunset?

Would you rather be named Violet or Rose?

Would you rather have purple carrots or red potatoes?

Would you rather drive a green car or a purple truck?

Would you rather live by flashlight or by candlelight?

Would you rather have red or white wine?

Would you rather write with a blue pen or a black pen?

Would you rather wear diamonds or sapphires?

Would you rather dye your hair bright red or platinum blonde?

Would you rather have a raspberry or a blueberry cobbler?

Would you rather have hot or cool weather?

Would you rather wear silver or gold jewelry?

Would you rather wear a fedora or a beanie?

Would you rather be a bird or a turtle?

Would you rather wear a Christmas sweater or a chicken costume?

Would you rather eat a red or a yellow tomato?

Would you rather wear a feather boa or a coconut bra?

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