Play a Game of 'Would You Rather" and We'll Guess Which High School Stereotype You Are

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There are some people who would have you believe that your school days are the best days of your life. They tend to say this utterly strange remark to kids who are not having a great time at school, and while it is not actually intended as a way to dishearten them by informing them that even this miserable period is as good as it gets, that is often the effect it has.

For those of us who weren't attractive, cool and popular - that is, basically everyone - and even for many who were those things but nurtured unseen hurts underneath - most of the rest - our school days are, happily, far from our best days. Getting older, we later learn, is absolutely awesome! You get to choose where you live and what work you do, and you can very often simply walk away from cliques and bullies. You can finally embrace that other piece of advice that is so unhelpful to kids, "Who cares what people think?" - because those people have no power to mess up your life any more.

Still, it is amusing to figure out from our adult perspective how we might handle the horrors of high school if we had to go through them again. Let's see where you would land using this crafty game of, "Would you rather?"

Would you rather play all day and work all night, or vice versa?

Would you rather fight a horse or a deer?

Would you rather eat too much cheese or too much chocolate?

Would you rather sleep through your alarm or not be able to sleep all night?

Would you rather be too tall or too petite for regular clothing sizes?

Would you rather stub your toe really badly or shut your finger in a drawer?

Would you rather laugh until you hurt, or hurt until you just start to laugh?

Would you rather be hated for something you did do, or something you didn't do?

Would you rather have a bad roommate for a year or a bad relationship for six months?

Would you rather be bad at sex yourself but sleep with great partners, or be good yourself but only ever sleep with people who are bad at sex?

Would you rather be beautiful in your own eyes, or the eyes of all around you?

Would you rather eat an item you can't identify, or drink a substance you can't identify?

Would you rather tell the full ghastly truth, or hear the full ghastly truth?

Would you rather survive lying on the tracks when the train goes over, or being struck repeatedly by lightning?

Would you rather know the date of your death or have it be a total surprise?

Would you rather be hilarious to others but never laugh again yourself, or laugh often but never cause others to laugh?

Would you rather sweat through three shirts a day or not sweat at all and always overheat?

Would you rather wake up to discover you've become the Terminator, or the Predator?

Would you rather be shiny all over, or made of wood?

Would you rather get a cramp in your hand when you urgently need to write, or in your leg when you urgently need to run?

Would you rather be mugged when you're carrying your phone, or burgled twice, but they don't get anything of value?

Would you rather throw a party that nobody comes to, or go to five parties where nobody talks to you?

Would you rather tweet your most secret sexual fantasy and have your partner enact it next time you're together but everyone else also knows it, or never tell it to anyone at all and thus never experience it for real?

Would you rather peak professionally at 25, or 55?

Would you rather win a million dollars today, or make a million dollars this year?

Would you rather hurt someone's feelings or tread hard on their foot?

Would you rather be too tired or too wired to function?

Would you rather cheat on a test and get an A, or come by an honest B?

Would you rather be believed to have it all together but be dying inside, or actually have it together but not be respected or known for it?

Would you rather be conventionally beautiful or extremely book-smart?

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