Quiz: Playground Safety Quiz
Playground Safety Quiz
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Every year more than 200,000 American kids visit their local emergency rooms because of playground injuries. So don't jog to the jungle gym just yet -- test your safety smarts with our playground safety quiz first.

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What is the most common cause of injury on a playground?
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What is the most common cause of playground-related fatalities?
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To maximize safety in case of a fall, playground surfaces should be built with any of the following types of material except:
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How deep should playground loose fill surfaces be to effectively cushion a child's fall?
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Age-appropriate play spaces are important. Which of the following is not recommended playground equipment for kids ages 2 to 5?
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Who has a greater risk of a playground injury, girls or boys?
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What equipment causes the most injuries on home playgrounds?
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Where do the majority of playground injuries occur?
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Approximately how many playground-related injuries are due to poor supervision?
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Which two safety organizations evaluate and set safety standards for playground equipment and surface materials?
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