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Amazing and unique playgrounds surpass the basics of slides, swings and see-saws. There are several parks across the United States that have developed a reputation for their original design. Take this quiz and learn about the best playgrounds in America.

Kids who have a playground in their neighborhood are ____ less likely to be overweight compared to kids who don't have a playground in their neighborhood.

Kids are five times more likely to be a healthy weight if they have a neighborhood playground. In a world with growing obesity concerns, this is an important statistic to pay attention to.


The Imagination Playground by David Rockwell includes:

The Imagination Playground includes new and innovative playground equipment, such as foam, blocks, water and sand. These features encourage imaginative play.


Imaginative play helps promote a child's:

Imaginative play is essential for a child's development. It promotes fine motor skills, emotional development and cognitive skills.


What is included in the San Francisco Yerba Buena Rooftop Playground?

If you're ever in the neighborhood visit the Yerba Buena Rooftop Playground with your children -- they'll love you for it! The playground includes a 25-foot tube slide and sand and water elements, among other cool features.


What is an advantage of the Clemyjontri Park in Virginia?

The Clemyjontri Park in Virginia encompasses a large open space, which makes it accessible for disabled and non-disabled children alike.


Besides open spaces, how else does the Clemyjontri Park cater to children with special needs?

The Clemyjontri Park caters to children with a variety of special needs. One feature included in this park is special play structures for children with sensitivity issues.


What is a unique feature of the Powell Barnett Park in Seattle, Washington?

The bathrooms are pretty fun and cool in the Powell Barnett Park, being located inside a castle-shaped building.


What do children do at the Adventure Playground in Berkeley, California?

The Adventure Playground encourages children to build things with real tools and materials.


Where is one of America's oldest, and still maintained, playgrounds located?

Koret Children's Quarter in San Francisco is almost 100 years old. It was last renovated in 2007.


What is a unique feature of the East Dock Playground in Bayfield, Wisconsin?

East Dock Playground has a beautiful view of Lake Superior.


Kellogg Park in New Orleans, Louisiana is the first park in America to:

The Kellogg Park was created after Hurricane Katrina as part of the Make it Right Foundation. It is first of its kind to use all environmentally friendly play structures and it even utilizes solar panels.


Teardrop Park in New York is a necessity because:

Teardrop Park is an oasis amidst the concrete jungle of Battery Park in New York City.


The Finan Family Playground in Nashville, Tennessee caters to:

The Finan Family Playground is entirely Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible. It's primarily intended for children between three and five who are wheelchair bound.


In addition to the classics, what else does the imPOSSIBLE DREAM Playground feature?

The imPOSSIBLE DREAM Playground includes playground classics, such as swings and slides, as well as miniature golf and a train station. The park is entirely Americans with Disabilities accessible.


Children who enjoy _______ should visit the Junior League of Seattle Playground.

The Junior League of Seattle Playground includes a vast array of climbing walls. All are welcome, from novice to advanced climbers of all ages.


What animal can you try scaling at the Kamakana Playground in Hawaii?

Your kids will have a blast at the Kamakana Playground. They can even try climbing up a replica of a life-size whale!


What important skill does the Alexander W. Kemp Playground promote?

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Alexander W. Kemp Playground promotes imaginative play and is fully American's with Disabilities Accessible.


High Line Park used to be:

High Line Park spans Manhattan's west side neighborhoods. It used to be an elevated train line that has since been abandoned.


In addition to being a park, the High Line Park is also a:

High Line Park also includes outdoor classrooms, which offer beginner courses in nature, history and design.


La Laguna Playground, in California, also goes by the name:

La Laguna Playground, in the 1960s, used to have life-size concrete sea creatures, hence the names “Monster Park” and “Dinosaur Park.”


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