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Game on! Sony's PlayStation Network enables gamers to play their favortie console games online with friends. Do you have the skills to compete with this quiz?

How much does Sony charge per year for access to the PlayStation Network?

The PlayStation Network is 100 percent free!


How many accounts were there on the PlayStation Network as of mid-2011?

Sony has more than 75 million registered PlayStation Network accounts! That's a bunch, even if there aren't really 75 million distinct users.


Sony originally launched the precursor to the PlayStation Network for which video game console?

Sony released a network adapter for the PlayStation 2 which allowed gamers to play online for free beginning in 2002.


True or False: Sony's PlayStation Network works on a dial-up connection.

False. PSN requires a high-speed broadband connection.


The PlayStation 3 game console offers two ways to access the Internet. Which of these technologies does it NOT use?

The PlayStation 3 has an Ethernet jack for connecting to a DSL or cable modem and built-in Wi-Fi, but no 3G connectivity.


Sony eventually introduced a subscription plan for the PlayStation Network that gives gamers exclusive content for a monthly fee. What's it called?

PlayStation Plus is Sony's subscription service for PSN, which gives gamers bonus content, discounts on certain purchases and exclusive features like online data storage in their cloud system.


True or False: All games sold in the PlayStation Store are released exclusively for the PlayStation Network.

False. Many games are released on PSN and Xbox Live.


Sony's PlayStation Store is broken up into two primary categories. What are they?

It's super basic, but Sony's division of content into Games and Videos sections in the PlayStation Store helps users navigate to their desired media.


These are the most expensive video transactions on the PlayStation Store. What are they?

Buying HD-quality movies is expensive! Pixar's "Up" costs $20 to purchase on PSN in HD.


Why did Sony shut down the PlayStation Network in April 2011?

When Sony discovered an external intrusion into its network by hackers, it shut down PSN to assess the damage and rebuild. PSN was in a blackout state for weeks.


True or False: One of PlayStation Plus' perks is the ability to download entire retail release games for free.

True. PlayStation Plus offers Full Game Trials, which allow gamers access to an entire game on a one-hour trial basis.


How long after the PS3's launch did it take Sony to integrate PSN messages and friends list access into the majority of games via a firmware update?

It took Sony well over a year, from the launch in late 2006 until June 2008, to make the XMB menu available to PS3 owners in-game.


True or False: Sony uses "PSN Points" for digital transactions in the PlayStation Store which must be purchased via credit card.

False. Sony's PlayStation wallet simply lets users buy credit with a credit card and make normal online transactions. No funky points required.


Which of these groups may be responsible for hacking the PlayStation Network in April 2011?

A file left on the PSN was named "Anonymous," indicating some members of the decentralized group may have been responsible. The group has denied any involvement in the attack, however.


True or False: The PSN will not be accessible by Sony's PS Vita handheld when it hits the market.

False, of course! The PS Vita will be optimized for online social gaming, as indicated by its advertising tag line, "The World is In Play."


How long did it take Sony to bring the PlayStation Network back online after it was hacked?

The PlayStation Network was down for nearly a month, from April 20 to May 16, 2011.


What are the PSOne Classics Sony sells in the PlayStation Store?

PSOne Classics are downloadable versions of games originally released for the PlayStation years and years ago!


True or False: the PlayStation 3 is the only device that can connect to PSN.

False. Sony's handheld gaming system can also log on to PSN.


Which Sony device can only play games available via the PlayStation Store?

The PSP Go has no optical drive, and can only play games downloaded via the PlayStation Network.


Because hackers may have stolen credit card data from PSN, Sony promised to do this to protect its users:

Sony is offering its U.S. users complimentary identity theft protection to make up for the compromise of their personal information.


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