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Whether they're binge-listening to a series to catch up or anticipating a new episode, people all over the world are hooked on podcasts. Are you all ears? See how much you know about the aural medium by taking this quiz.

With which devices are podcast programs compatible?

Podcasts will play on almost any digital music device.

According to a study by Westwood One, podcasters listen to audio how much more than the average American?

It's no surprise that podcasters listen to audio 45 percent more than the average American.

What is one of the defining traits of podcasts?

They are typically divided into numerous shows.

With what sort of device do most people listen to podcasts?

Smartphones are often credited with popularizing podcasts.

What does podcatcher software do?

The automated subscriptions make podcasts much easier to access.

Which podcast was the fastest to reach 5 million downloads or streams on iTunes?

"Serial" became a cultural phenomenon.

The first season of "Serial" covered which topic?

The program leaves listeners with many unanswered questions about the murder of Hae Min Lee.

An enhanced podcast often has what characteristic?

These images may include artwork, chapter markers and more.

Which podcaster holds the record for the most downloaded program?

Carolla takes this trophy, but Gervais' 2006 record of 4.5 million downloads stood for years.

The Adam Carolla Show set a record for the most downloads from 2009 to 2011. How many times was the show downloaded?

His show was downloaded 59 million times. It was a major accomplishment for a host whose FM radio show was cancelled.

Which celebrity started the "Daily Source Code" podcast?

Curry was a popular video jockey on MTV before he started his podcast.

The podcast "Serial" has been downloaded at least how many times?

With at least 97 million downloads, the crime-related podcast revitalized podcast culture.

Podcasting was named after Apple's first iPod, which was released in what year?

The Classic version of the iPod survived for 12 years after its 2002 release.

About how many Americans listen to podcasts each month according to Edison Research?

Forty-five million people is about 17 percent of the U.S. population.

Who is credited with being the first to use the term "podcasting"?

Hammersley is a well-known technology journalist.

In what file format are most podcasts created?

It's a universally recognized format that works on all audio devices

Which U.S. president was the first to use the podcast format for weekly radio addresses?

President George W. Bush's addresses were a very high-profile usage for the new technology.

What year was the first podcast released?

"Radio Open Source," which is still going strong, began in 2003.

How does RSS technology facilitate podcasts?

That means you don't have to manually download new shows.

A company named Personal Audio claimed to invent what?

They sued and won royalties from several podcasters, but their patents are now mostly invalidated.

Who was the host of the very first podcast?

Lydon was a political reporter for The New York Times in the '70s.

What percentage of the population has listened to at least one podcast, according to the Pew Research Center?

Twenty-nine percent of the population has listened to a podcast. Podcasters probably wish that number would grow more quickly.

Why did Apple issue cease-and-desist orders to many podcast developers?

In 2006 Apple declared it would not stop companies from using the word podcast.

Which year did Apple release a version of iTunes with built-in support for podcasts?

The company didn't waste much time trying to capitalize on the format and released iTunes support for podcasts in 2005.

Compared to radio broadcasting, podcasting requires how much equipment?

You need very little technology to start your own show.

What challenge has likely prevented podcasts from becoming more popular?

Even after all this time, there still is no easy to way to find new podcasts.

What was the first video podcast?

"Dead End Days" was broadcast in 2003 and 2004.

According to a Westwood One study, what's the median age for podcast listeners?

The median age is 30 years old for podcast listeners and 45 years old for radio listeners.

Which technological advancement heavily contributed to the spread of podcasts?

Faster Internet speeds make it much easier to download content.

To what does the term "podsafe" refer?

However, many people use copyrighted music without permission.

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