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The Pokemon realm extends into TV, video games, card games and toys. Are you a Pokemon superfan? Take this quiz to see if you can "catch 'em all."

When did the animated television series "Pokemon" debut in the United States?

The animated series "Pokemon" debuted in the United States on Sept. 8, 1998.


Which Pokemon product was released first?

The "Pokemon" video game was the first Pokemon franchise product released.


True or false: "Pokemon" the animated series was released in Japan the same day it was released in the U.S.

"Pokemon" was released in Japan on April 1, 1997, roughly 17 months before the U.S. release.


Who is the main character in the animated series "Pokemon"?

The main character is Ash Ketchum.


Which company is the video game developer that created the game "Pokemon"?

Game Freak was founded in 1989.


When were the "Pokemon" trading cards first published?

The "Pokemon" trading cards were first published in Japan on Oct. 20, 1996.


Which company first published the "Pokemon" trading cards?

Media Factory was founded in 1986.


Which video gaming system was the game "Pokemon" originally developed for?

The Nintendo Game Boy is a handheld device.


How many different "Pokemon" trading cards were published in the original 1996 release?

One hundred two different "Pokemon" trading cards were released in Japan in October 1996.


How many years after their Japanese debut were "Pokemon" trading cards first available in the U.S.?

"Pokemon" trading cards were first available in the U.S. in January 1999, three years after their debut in Japan.


Which Pokemon is Ash's partner in the animated series "Pokemon"?

Pikachu is Ash's partner. The Japanese actress Ikue Otani plays the voice of Pikachu in 805 episodes of the animated series.


True or false: The name "Pokemon" is short for the Japanese words "<i>poketto monsuta</i>."

The name "Pokemon" is short for the Japanese words "<i>poketto monsuta</i>," which translate to "pocket monsters" in English.


In how many countries is the "Pokemon" animated series broadcast?

The animated series "Pokemon" is broadcast to more than 70 countries around the globe.


What is the most valuable trading card in the "Pokemon" card series?

The Pikachu Illustrator card is the most valuable and rare card of the series. The cards were awarded to winners of Pokemon illustration contests in 1997 and 1998, and only 39 were distributed. These cards have sold for $20,000 in the past.


Which "Pokemon" animated series episode made more than 600 Japanese children ill?

The 38th episode of the animated series "Pokemon," titled "Electric Soldier Porygon," aired on Dec. 16, 1997 and caused more than 600 Japanese children to experience seizurelike symptoms as a result of a strobelike visual effect.


In which year did Nintendo take over publishing of the "Pokemon" trading cards?

In June 2003, Nintendo took over publishing of the "Pokemon" trading cards.


What color are the character Pikachu's cheeks in the animated series "Pokemon"?

Pikachu is yellow with red cheeks.


Who is the creator of "Pokemon" and founder of Game Freak, the video game development company?

Tajiri founded Game Freak alongside Ken Sugimori.


How many Pokemon creature types are there?

There are 18 Pokemon creature types, including bug and fighting types.


What Pokemon creature type is the character Pikachu?

True to the name, electric types have electricity-related powers.


True or false: While in development, the game "Pokemon" was called "Capsule Monsters."

Before being released to the public, the game "Pokemon" was originally called "Capsule Monsters."


Which "Pokemon" animated series character is Ash's rival from his hometown?

Gary is Professor Oak's grandson.


Which team has the Pokemon named Meowth in the animated series "Pokemon"?

Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket.


Which illusionist once sued Nintendo over a "Pokemon" character?

Geller once sued Nintendo over a "Pokemon" character named Kadabra. Gellar alleged that the character, which uses a spoon as a psychic aid, was an unlicensed copy of himself.


Which Pokemon creature was originally chosen to be the mascot for the animated series "Pokemon"?

The original pilot for the series featured Ash catching a Clefairy, but the character was ultimately switched to Pikachu.


In the series "Pokemon," how many Pokemon creatures are Ash and his friends searching for?

Ash and his friends are searching for all 150 Pokemon creatures in the animated series "Pokemon."


How many cards are players allowed in a deck for the "Pokemon" trading card game?

Players are allowed 60 cards.


What is the tagline for the animated series "Pokemon"?

The tagline for "Pokemon" is "gotta catch 'em all."


True or false: There is a protein named after the "Pokemon" character Pikachu.

In 2008, Japanese scientists named a protein after Pikachu. The protein, named Pikachurin, is involved in transporting electrical signals from the human eye to the brain.


How many types of cards are there in the "Pokemon" trading card game?

There are three types of cards in the "Pokemon" trading card game: Pokemon cards, trainer cards and energy cards.


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