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Some people consider their pool to be a big money pit. Minimize your expenditures by learning some pool maintenance tips. Take the plunge by taking this quiz on pool maintenance.

What is the secret to pool health?

Habitual care of the pool should result in a healthy pool.


What may be the result of regular pool skimming?

Skimming the surface of the pool every few days may help the efficiency of the pool's circulation system and decrease the amount of chlorine needed to maintain pool health.


How often should you clean the strainer basket?

Cleaning the strainer basket at least once a week may help the efficiency of the pool's circulation system and decrease the need for chlorine.


To keep the pool water clear, how often should you vacuum the pool?

Vacuum the pool every week to keep the water clear and reduce the amount of chemicals needed.


How can you minimize the growth of algae buildup on pool walls and tile?

To decrease the amount of algae, brush the pool walls and tile.


How many different types of pool filters are available?

Three types of pool filters are available: cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth. Each type may have different maintenance requirements.


Who is qualified to service the pool heater?

There are many pool maintenance jobs than can be done yourself, but servicing the pool heater is not one of those. To service the heater, call a professional.


How often should a gas-powered pool heater be serviced?

Every couple of years may be sufficient.


How high should the pool water level be?

To protect the pool pump from damage, keep the water level above the skimmer.


For pool health, what is the ideal pH measurement?

Maintain the pool's pH levels between 7.2 and 7.8.


How do you measure the pool's pH?

There are two test methods to measure pH: test-strips or a reagent kit.


What organic contaminant is present in pool water?

Ammonia and nitrogen may build up in the pool water.


How can you get rid of the chloramines?

To get rid of the strong chlorine odor given off by chloramines, it may be necessary to "shock" the pool by superchlorinating it to restore the pool to normal chlorine levels.


What may cause the pool's water level to drop?

A leak or natural evaporation may be the culprit.


Why may you need to winterize your pool?

If you live in a very cold climate, you may need to protect your pool pipes from freezing.


During the freezing winter, what should you do with the pool heater, pump and chemical feeders?

Clean these components and store them out of the elements.


During winter months, how can you prevent debris from getting into the pool?

During the winter season, use a pool cover to protect the pool.


How can you determine if a leak or natural evaporation is causing a decrease in the pool's water level?

Try a bucket test to determine which is causing the leak.


When you shock a pool, what chemical is added?

To shock a pool, large amounts of chlorine are added.


Other than evaporation or leaks, why else may the pool's water level decrease?

Swimming, splashing, and getting in and out of the pool all cause water loss.


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