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Now that the space shuttle program has concluded, NASA is poised to start a new era. How much do you know about the agency's future missions? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

What was the name of the last space shuttle to fly?

Atlantis was the final shuttle to fly, in July 2011.


What cancelled program was supposed to follow the shuttle?

The Constellation program, cancelled in 2010, was supposed to follow the shuttle.


What year was Constellation supposed to land astronauts on the moon?

Constellation would have put astronauts on the moon in 2020.


What space probe is named after Jupiter's wife in Roman mythology?

The space probe Juno is named after Jupiter's wife in Roman mythology.


Where is the Orion space capsule being built?

The Orion space capsule is being built in New Orleans.


What nation is now providing rides to American astronauts after the end of the shuttle program?

Russia is providing transportation for U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station.


How many astronauts will fit in the Orion spacecraft?

The Orion spacecraft will accommodate four astronauts.


What is the name of the new Mars rover?

Curiosity is the new Mars rover.


How many total astronauts flew on all the space shuttle missions?

A total of 347 astronauts flew on the shuttle missions.


What is the GRAIL project hoping to measure?

The GRAIL project plans to measure the moon's magnetic field.


What is another name for the Orion space vehicle?

The Orion is also called the multi-purpose crew vehicle.


What was the envisioned cost of the Constellation program?

The Constellation program was to cost $97 billion.


The black holes to be studied by NuSTAR form from what?

Black holes form from supernovas.


How many stages does the SLS launch vehicle have?

The SLS has two stages.


The Curiosity rover will search for what on Mars?

The Curiosity rover will search for conditions that would make microbial life possible.


Is the SLS more or less powerful than the Saturn V?

The SLS is more powerful than the Saturn V.


How much was spent on Constellation before it was cancelled?

Nine billion dollars were spent on Constellation before it was cancelled.


Former Astronaut Neil Armstrong wanted the United States to keep flying which spacecraft?

Armstrong wanted the United States to continue flying the space shuttles.


How far did the Obama administration agree to extend the life of the International Space Station?

The Obama administration agreed to extend the life of the space station until 2020.


Who is the present administrator of NASA?

Charles Bolden is NASA administrator.


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