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Almost every home has a power drill, one of the most common and versatile power tools on the market. If you want to learn how it works and how to use it properly, take this quiz.

What could be considered a very unconventional use for a power drill?

Power drills have been used in emergencies as improvised surgical tools.


In simple terms, how does a power drill work?

A trigger switch activates an electric motor that drives a rotating chuck. Many different accessories are available to drill holes, polish and so on.


When was the first handheld drill developed?

It was developed in Germany in 1895


What did the first drill weigh?

It weighed in at 16.5 pounds (7.48 kilograms).


Which well-known power tool company invented the cordless electric drill?

Black & Decker introduced the cordless drill in 1961.


Corded power drills are rated in terms of amps. What does this refer to?

The higher the numbers of amps (amperage), the more power it has.


Are variable speed triggers available on modern drills?

Some cheaper drills have single speed triggers, but the more costly models have variable speed triggers.


What does the clutch do?

The clutch regulates the torque or rotational force of the drill bit.


If you hear a clicking sound when drilling, what does this usually indicate?

The clutch disengages the drill shaft when a preset clutch setting is reached, resulting in a clicking sound.


What is a hammer drill?

Also called an impact drill, this tool has a hammer action in addition to its rotational force and is typically used to drill holes in walls.


What is a chuck?

The chuck is a mechanism into which you insert the drill or screwdriver bit, which holds it tight.


If you are given a twist bit, what would you usually use it for?

Twist bits are usually used to drill wood or metal.


When you buy a tungsten-carbide-tipped bit, what are you going to drill?

These are usually used for concrete or masonry.


You are going to put up shelves on a concrete wall, what two features are you going to need?

You will need an impact drill and a tungsten-carbide-tipped bit.


What are the following: flat head, torque, spanner, Phillips, tri-wing, hex and torx?

These are screw heads, the most common of which is the Phillips.


How do drill accessories compare to a machine with the same function?

They provide a makeshift solution that is not as good as the actual machine.


What do larger twist bits tend to do when you begin drilling?

They tend to wander across the surface being drilled.


After marking where you want to drill, what can you do to ensure an accurate entry point?

Using a punch to create a small crater will help you drill exactly where you intended.


When would you use the reverse function of a drill?

Reverse is usually used to remove screws.


If your main power tool need is drilling in concrete in the house, what type of power tool would you choose, corded or cordless?

A corded drill is typically more powerful, lighter and less expensive than its cordless counterpart.


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