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Prefab homes have had a longstanding reputation as run-down trailers. But they’re making a comeback with a brand new image. They're inexpensive, sustainable and trendy. Let's see what you know about today's prefab homes.

The prefab home craze started in the early 1900s, and they were sold by which company?

Calling the homes "kit homes," Sears & Roebuck started selling prefab homes in 1908.


Which industry helped make prefab homes popular?

Michigan automotive workers helped prefab homes catch on. Many employees wanted an inexpensive way to move out of the city with their families.


The first prefab homes cost about how much?

With a price tag of about $2,500, the first prefab homes came with detailed instructions and tons of pieces -- not unlike a piece from IKEA.


True or false: Prefabricated homes are environmentally friendlier than new construction.

Because their pieces are built in one factory, prefab homes mean less construction vehicle pollution. They also tend to have more modern, energy-saving features.


Prefab homes are constructed how?

Prefab homes are built from the inside out. It takes several days to assemble a prefab house. Builders start with the wall panels, then move to the electrical and wiring, and then to the exterior.


What caused kit home sales to decline in the early 1900s?

After the 1929 stock market crash, most people no longer had enough money to purchase new homes -- even inexpensive prefab homes.


What natural disaster brought prefab homes back into popularity?

After thousands of people lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina, prefab homes have become a welcome and more comfortable alternative to government-provided trailers.


True or false: You usually pay more upfront for a prefab home.

Even though prefab homes can be 10 to 25 percent less expensive than a traditional new construction home, you will probably pay more upfront. Prefab builders usually require payment in full before beginning the project.


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