Pretend to Be a Cowboy and We'll Guess Which Truck You Own

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Get your lassos ready because you're going to need them for this quiz! Let's live out your childhood fantasy of being a cowboy. Do you wax your truck more than you brush your horse? Once we see your skills in the saddle, we'll be able to make an accurate guess about the type of truck that you own. 

Trek around the ranch with us tending to the animals. You might be able to wrestle a steer in under five seconds, but can you round up a group of hungry chickens without losing your mind? Being a cowboy involves far more than riding a horse around the plains while herding cattle. 

Cowboys have all sorts of skills that might break those of us that consider our cubicles our own little farms. From building fences to fixing the ranch's equipment, cowboys are a tough and rare breed. The way you handle yourself in chaps will go a long way towards knowing what truck you drive.

Dust off your spurs and shine up your boots. Getting in character might unnerve your neighbors a little, but you'll be in the perfect mindset to answer each question like you were hanging out around the Bonanza ranch. Let's giddy-up and go!

Have you ever ridden a horse?

Could you help a cow give birth?

Do you own any cowboy boots?

How would you rate your lassoing skills?

What is your favorite thing to do around the campfire?

What farm animal do you think you could handle the best?

Do you like going camping?

What would you try to cook over an open flame?

Which John Wayne movie do you like most?

Which kind of cowboy hat would you rock?

Would you wear spurs?

What would you order at the local watering hole?

Which state would you most like to be a cowboy in?

How would you handle an angry bull?

What kind of cowboy shirt would you rock?

What would your cowboy boots be made from?

What would you name your horse?

Could you change your horse's horseshoes?

Which cowboy song do you like most?

Have you ever milked a cow?

What would you use to cushion the blow between your bottom and the saddle?

What snack would you take on the trail with you?

Which ranch duty would you like the least?

What kind of jacket would you wear while working?

Are you good at chopping firewood?

Which ranch animal do you think is most frightening?

How many seconds could you ride a bull?

Would you prefer to be a rodeo clown or a cowboy?

How rugged do you think you are?

Where would you take someone on a cowboy date?

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