Pretend to Be Rich AF and We'll Guess What Disney Princess You Are!

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Princess Moolah isn't part of the Disney lineup, but she totally should be. An accounting of the Disney Princess' wealth shows that they are all pretty darn minted. One Disney princess earns her wealth from nothing: Tiana becomes a successful entrepreneur. Generally wealthier are the inheritors, who might not earn it but surely show they're going to use it wisely: Elsa (a princess before she became queen) has an entire kingdom, and can make new palaces at the swish of a hand. Pocahontas hails from a culture that holds land in community ownership, but she is the heir to control a large swath of Virginia. Moana is going to run an entire island - plus, she has an honest to God fleet of seafaring vessels. Likewise, Rapunzel inherits a whole kingdom. 

On the "marrying money" side, Ariel is the youngest daughter of the sea king, meaning her inheritance is likely modest, but she marries Prince Eric, whose kingdom by the sea appears pretty extensive and includes a huge castle. Likewise, Belle marries a man whose library alone is a palace, and to make it even better, it's in France, which is pretty darn gorgeous. Cinderella marries a man with the finest Bavarian architecture you've ever seen, and she even has an unpaid rodent workforce so that she can maximize her spending elsewhere.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) has all of them beat, of course, as she both inherits AND marries, meaning she has two kingdoms. The only Disney princess who has more money is Princess Jasmine. Absent any brothers, she's the heir to Agrabah, a city in Arabia; hence she's sitting on billions in oil wealth. No wonder everyone wants to marry her!

It's time to spend that princess money, and we'll see which of these wealthy ladies you're most like!

How many fabulous designer dresses do you buy?

Do you get custom bras?

How much do you spend on travel?

What's your yacht like?

How big an army of staff do you have in your home?

How long do you spend grooming every day?

What luxury beauty treatment do you enjoy?

How many horses do you have?

What sort of art do you buy?

What's your biggest food expense?

What sort of parties do you throw?

What's your preference when it comes to air travel?

What sort of statement necklaces do you enjoy?

For which family members will you buy a house?

What sort of landscape will you live in?

Where will you vacation?

What club will you be a member of?

What local charity will you support?

What global charity will you support?

What soft furnishings do you lavish the cash on?

Who is your best-paid employee?

What sort of car do you drive?

What sort of personal trainer do you have?

Do you hire a nutritionist or dietician?

Would you still work?

Would you ever consider giving all your money away and running off to live a simpler life?

How often would you get a fancy manicure and pedicure?

What outrageous once-in-a-lifetime trip would you take?

What sort of artist would you patronize?

Would you still feel weird about spending money even though you had plenty?

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