Pretend to Make Some Drunken Decisions and We'll Be Able to Tell Your Exact Age!

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It's not that we get better at drinking as we get older! It's that we get better at being drunk. Think back to some of the things you used to do during some of your first parties. Would you be caught dead doing those things now? Step up to our virtual keg, and tell us how you would have acted during a few drunken scenarios. From there, we'll be able to determine your exact age! 

Are you responsible enough to order a water at last call, or would you already be home in bed? Unless you are really mature for your age, you would probably be there for the last call. In fact, you might even order a shot of tequila before you head off to the late-night diner. The kinds of things you are most likely to do when you are drunk point to your maturity. While we realize it's not the same thing as your age, your skill at doing the walk of shame might just give you away! 

Tell us how many times you've called off with a hangover and we'll tell you if you are in your 20s or 30s because even the kind of drinks can give your age away. Give us a chance! You're sure to get a laugh. 

Which liquor do you like the most?

Which kind of beer would you order at a brewery?

You've had a few drinks alone and you start thinking about your ex. What do you do?

How do you deal with hangovers?

Your coworker wants to go out on a Wednesday night. How much will you drink?

You've had a few drinks and your boss calls wanting you to tend to an emergency. What do you do?

How many one-night stands have you had?

Where would you grab some food after a night on the town?

What would you order for last call?

What would you do with a friend who is too drunk to drive, but keeps insisting?

How much wine can you drink in an evening?

Someone passes you a joint at a party, what do you do?

You feel like you have to vomit on your way home, what do you do?

Which snack are you most likely to have while drinking?

Who are you most likely to drunk dial?

What is the most embarrassing thing you have done while drunk?

You've had a few drinks and your friend dares you to streak. Do you do it?

Someone hits on your sweetheart at the bar: what do you do?

What are you most likely to forget at a bar?

Which drinking movie do you like most?

Are you a happy drunk?

What mixed drink would you like to try?

Are you a good dancer when you've been drinking?

Which drunken decision do you regret most?

Which activity do you enjoy most while drinking?

Your best friend wants you to go for a drink at 9 a.m., do you go?

Pretend you are drunk and lost, how do you get home?

What party theme would you like most?

Which character from "Cheers" are you most like?

If drinking were a degree, which one would you have?

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