Pretend to Be a Royal and We'll Show You Which Real Life Crown You'd Wear

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The practice of wearing crowns goes back thousands of years. The ancient Persian kings wore crowns and "diadems," or jeweled bands worn on the head. The ancient Egyptians had two crowns, one for Lower Egypt (the "Deshret"), one for Upper Egypt (the "Hedjet"), which were combined to form the Pschent, the crown of all of Egypt. The Roman Emperor Constantine I adopted the practice of wearing a crown, and it became a tradition among all Roman Emperors after him. After the fall of Rome, European kings, queens, and emperors of all stripes wore crowns, as does the Pope and several other religious leaders.

Jeweled headgear made of precious metals has also been popular in Asia for thousands of years, though the origins there are less clear, and crowns of a sort, decorated with skins, feathers, or even plant life, are popular the world over. What binds all of these fancy hats together is they all symbolize power that comes from a position or title.

You want a crown, so you can show everyone how powerful you are, but with so many crowns, how can anyone choose theirs? So play the part of royalty, answer some of our questions, and we will tell you which real-world crown is the one you should wear!

How private would you be?

Which historical monarchy would you like to be the head of?

How big would you want your entourage to be?

What designer would you choose for special occasions?

What would be the main responsibility of your assistant?

For what sporting events would you want a front row seat?

What kind of government would you have?

What sort of castle will you call home?

Which approach to the class system would you embrace?

What would be a central feature of your heraldry?

Which house would you seek an alliance with by marriage?

Which real world leader would you seek to emulate?

Which fictional ruler would inspire you?

What would your people do as a tradition on the anniversary of your coronation?

For what would you write grants?

What would be your policy on hostile nations?

Where would you look for a spouse?

How would you style yourself?

How would your spouse style themselves?

Would your family be able to handle their relation to a royal monarch?

What item of clothing would you definitely wear, and therefor popularize?

What would you do to the people who antagonized you before you were elevated?

What active role would you play in the government?

How would you relax when you take time off?

How would you choose the people you surround yourself with?

How many of your present friends would you drop once you become the head of state?

Would you appoint any of your friends to official positions?

What are the odds you would start a war over something petty, like a personal insult?

What would you invest state money in developing?

How will you be transported around your nation?

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