Quiz: Pretend You're a Kid Again and We'll Guess What Job You Have
Pretend You're a Kid Again and We'll Guess What Job You Have
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: RichVintage / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Some kids always knew what they wanted to be when they grew up, while others sort of floundered into a job or career in adulthood. Some of us loved the freedom of playing all the time and not having to pay bills or go to work, while others thought that simply wasn't worth the many tradeoffs it entailed, like not having any choices and being told where to go and what to do all the time. Some of us loved the way life was relatively low-stakes and you could just make mistakes and not know things without it being held against you, while others felt endlessly patronized by grownups with an inflated sense of their own wisdom, who just assumed we didn't know what was really going on in the world.

While we do all change when we grow up, the fundamentals of a person's personality very often remain intact, and that means the way that you feel about childhood is often indicative of where you belong as an adult. That means learning about how you'd feel given a second shot at childhood tells us where you work - or at least, it does if you're in the role that is right for you! If you're not, perhaps it'll point you in the right direction. Let's get started!

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How often do you get detention?

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Be honest: Are you going to eat your vegetables?

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How will you get to school?

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At school, will you be more likely the bully, or the bullied?

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Now that you can have an imaginary friend again, what will you do with them?

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What silly thing will you do that people would judge in a grownup?

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What will you try to get away with because you're just a kid now and you don't know any better?

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Now you are liberated from the tyranny of "sexy" everything at Halloween, what will you go as?

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How will you persuade adults to do things for you that they don't really want to do?

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What punishment will you really hope to avoid?

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How precocious will you be when it comes to things like getting yourself bathed, dressed and off to school?

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