Pretend You're a Queen and We'll Show You Which Real-Life Royal Wedding Dress You Should Wear

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There are certain things that only the Queen of England can do, like declare war and travel without a passport. But aside from all of the official stuff that she has the power to do, and is expected to do, there are a lot of things out in the society that she does as well. She learned to drive at 19 and isn't required to have a driver's license. Did you know that? She likes to wear bright colors, she doesn't eat shellfish or garlic at formal dinners, and if she puts her purse on the table, you know the party is over, and you should leave.

The Queen enforces the strict rules of the royal family, but there are some that she is more lenient on and she can give her permission to those who wish to bend the rules a little bit. Her grandchildren attended public school, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not serve fruit cake at their wedding, and Princess Eugenie has her own Instagram account. She may be old school in her ways, but she can get with the times! Like approving some of the most modern and beautiful wedding dresses for royal weddings. Which one should you wear? Pretend you're a Queen and we'll show you!

If you could travel without the hassle of a passport, do you think you'd do it?

You've been asked to star in a movie! Which type most fits your personality?

Taxes are pretty annoying. Would you take the opportunity to not pay them?

How many birthday celebrations do you want as the Queen?

Let's go for a drive! If you were Queen, would you dare drive without a driver's license?

It's garden party time! When are you arriving?

Making laws is a privilege given to few people. Would you want that responsibility?

What's your real purpose for carrying a clutch purse?

Which food would you never serve at a formal dinner?

Which of these animals would you own if given the chance?

If you could name one, what's the most important thing in your life?

How do you feel when people get divorced?

Is technology something you embrace or are you afraid of it?

The Queen has to approve almost every aspect of a royal wedding. Is that how it should be?

Do you think Ministers to the Crown should be chosen or elected?

Most royal children are homeschooled, but a few parents opt for public school. Which would you choose for your grandchildren, as the Queen?

You have to travel a lot for official appearances. What's the best way to get there?

Having power can be intimidating, especially if that power is pardoning criminals. Could you do it?

Do you like people hugging or touching you?

How do you want to be woken up?

The Queen has millions of fans who send her mail daily. Would you respond to them?

How many social engagements do you want to attend in one day?

There's an event at the palace that you don't really want to be at. How do you get everyone to leave?

All that socializing can work up an appetite! What are you having for lunch?

Who are you meeting with after lunch?

It's afternoon tea time! What are you snacking on?

How up-to-date do you stay on the news and current events?

Do you have an ideal breakfast to start your day off right?

What's your favorite way to wind down for the day?

How closely would you follow the speed limit?

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