Pretend You're Dating a Prince and We'll Show You Which Real-Life Crown Would Fit You Best

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Let's face it, we've all thought about what it would be like to date a prince. After all, who wouldn't want to be swept off their feet by a handsome young monarch? The whirlwind royal romances of future princesses Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, Diana Spencer and Meghan Markle have inspired thousands of daydreamers.

Are you one of them? If you've ever wished that you could walk a mile in a real-life princess's shoes, this is the quiz for you! We're going to ask you to imagine your own royal romance with one of the world's hottest princes, such as Prince Harry Windsor (yes, we know he's already taken), Sheikh Hamdan (the Crown Prince of Dubai), Jean-Christophe (Prince Napoleon) or Denmark's Prince Nikolai. You'll visualize every step of your courtship, from your first meeting to the first time you see your prince's ancestral home. 

At the end of the quiz, we'll tell you which real-life crown would be yours if you really were dating your prince! These crowns are incredible works of art, featuring hundreds of pearls and emeralds, elaborately forged metalwork, stunning diamonds and more. So, are you ready to find out which crown should sit atop your head? Then it's time to play this quiz!

The most important question is: which prince will you date?

How did you meet your princely boyfriend?

Are you also of noble blood, or is it scandalous that the prince is dating you because you're a commoner?

Every prince has his passions. Which of your prince's interests do you share?

When magazines write steamy cover stories about your prince, how is he described?

What's your "typical royal girlfriend" career?

How do you two avoid the paparazzi (if you avoid the paparazzi)?

Besides his incredible good looks, what makes your prince lovable?

After you start dating your prince, who do you take your style cues from?

Are the media kind to you, or do they dig up mean facts about your past?

What kind of high-profile charity work will you and your prince perform?

On social media, what's your couple hashtag?

Do you adopt a special "dating royalty" hairstyle, like Princess Kate's shimmering mane or Meghan Markle's messy bun?

Why did the prince fall for you?

Does the royal family approve of you, or are they subtly trying to break you up?

Living like royalty can be intimidating. Which of these new situations scares you the most?

Who's your favorite princess?

Does your prince come from your country, or will you need to move in order to be with him permanently?

Is your prince pursuing a career, or does "acting like a prince" take up all his time?

Royal families tend to have centuries of jewels in their vaults. If your prince gave you a piece of royal jewelry, what kind would you like most?

What's your favorite jewel or gem?

Your prince wants to surprise you for your birthday. Which of these dates should he take you on?

You and your prince agree to do a photo shoot for an international magazine. What setting will you be photographed in?

Who's your favorite king or queen?

Does your prince speak a second language? What is it?

When it comes to precious metals, are you more fond of gold, platinum or silver?

Which lavish sport does your prince enjoy? Do you force yourself to learn it so that you can spend more time together?

Your prince takes you to visit his ancestral home. What's it like?

Is it easy to enjoy private time with your prince, or are there always servants around?

Ultimately, do you hope to marry your prince, or do you feel that royal life comes with too many burdens?

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