Pretend You're on “House Hunters” and We'll Show You What State You Should Live In

Cassidy Allen Chubb

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About This Quiz

Whether you binge HGTV like you're the next Joanna Gaines or have never watched it before, everyone has at least heard of "House Hunters," the show where couples and families hunt for their dream home with the help of a trusty real estate agent. At some point, we've all envisioned our dream house or saved pictures on a Pinterest board. Now, we can't get you a spot on the show, but we can make you feel like you are while taking this quiz. And at the end of it, we'll guess which state you should live in based on your answers.

This quiz is your chance to see if you really know all the things you'd want in a dream house. Do you want to live near the city or far out in the country? What type of material would you pick for your kitchen countertops? Could you decide on a color for cabinets throughout the house? It seems easy to pick out things for a dream home, but when it comes down to narrowing things down it can be tough to make a final decision! But now is your chance to feel like you're on the show, so don't wait any longer and take this fun quiz!

How much land do you want?

What style home do you prefer?

How many cars would you need space for?

Are you up for the challenge of doing renovations?

Will you need space for a home office?

How important is being close to the city?

Do you mind having neighbors?

If you could pick where your house is located in a neighborhood/building, where would it be?

The weather is different in almost every state. Would you want a pool to cool off in the summers?

What's your ideal backyard have?

Pick a color for your cabinets to be all throughout your house.

How close do you want to be to family and friends?

Which type of hardwood floors would you want in your kitchen?

Do you have a gym membership or are you looking to have an in-home gym?

If family and friends visit often, will you need space for a guest room or house?

What countertop material do you want in the kitchen?

Do you have children?

If you have pets, will they need a space of their own?

How close do you need to be to the airport?

Does it matter if the community/building is gated or not?

Are you looking for a newer home or something with some history?

How often do you have guests over for entertaining?

Do you care if the washer and dryer are on the same level as your bedroom?

Which interior design style do you prefer?

How many bedrooms do you need?

How strict are you with sticking to your budget?

Having closet space is very important. What closet style do you need?

If you could have one thing, no matter the price, what would it be?

Everyone has preferences in the kitchen. What's something you prefer to have in your kitchen?

What's something you have to have in your master bathroom?

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