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No one wants to lift up their arm to find unsightly colored sweat stains under their arms. And this problem isn't limited to men -- women can have equally embarrassing perspiration problems. Do you know why they happen and how to get rid of them? Or, like most people, do you believe common myths about sweat stains? Take the quiz and find out.

What is the medical term for your armpit?

The medical term for your underarm is the axilla.


Which sweat glands are responsible for your body odor?

The apocrine glands are behind your body odor. They carry a mixture of sweat and fats to your skin, where bacteria breaks it down -- and creates odor.


The active ingredient in antiperspirants is what type of compound?

All antiperspirants have an aluminum-based compound as their main ingredient.


One way to prevent sweat stains on clothes is to:

The majority of the stain comes from putting on too much deodorant. The trick is to use only a single, thin application of the product.


And the second part to preventing sweat stains is:

Let the deodorant or antiperspirant dry completely before putting on your shirt. We mean 100% complete.


What product can help protect the underarm area of your shirt?

Dress shields have been around for a long time and do a good job at preserving the underarm area of your shirt. These soft cotton, disposable pads can be stuck to or sewn into the underarm of your shirt to soak up excess perspiration.


What do ingredients like triclosan in deodorant do?

Ingredients like triclosan in deodorants make the skin in your underarm too salty or acidic to support the indigenous bacteria that are meant to thrive there.


A certain medical condition describes excessive sweating. What is its name?

Hyperhidrosis, also called diaphoresis, involves extreme or excessive sweating. People with this condition may sweat at levels four or five times what most people experience.


How many sweat glands do you have?

The number of sweat glands in a person's body can vary from around 2 million to more than 4 million.


To be approved by the FDA as an antiperspirant, a product must reduce a person's sweat by what percentage?

The FDA requires that all antiperspirants must decrease the average person's sweat by at least 20 percent.


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