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If you listened to the podcast on prisons, then you know we love us some prison movies. Let's see how well you know and love movies about the Big House.

In which prison movie did actor Paul Newman have a "failure to communicate"?

Who can forget the classic scene in which the evil chain gang boss tells Cool Hand Luke, "What we got here is failure to communicate."

How many yards of "poop" smelling foulness did Andy Dufresne crawl through to gain his freedom in "The Shawshank Redemption"?

As Red tells you, it was 500 yards, or the length of five football fields.

True or False: In the movie "Brubaker," the warden played by Robert Redford does something very unconventional: He puts the entire prison population in solitary confinement.

Robert Redford's character does something unconventional alright: He goes undercover as a prisoner to see how they're mistreated.

In "American History X," what did Edward Norton's character gruesomely use to knock out the teeth of his rivals?

In one of the nastiest scenes in movie history, Edward Norton has his rivals "bite the curb" and then kicks the back of their head.

In the juvenile prison movie "Bad Boys," what did Sean Penn's character fill a pillowcase with to use as a weapon?

Sean Penn was a bad boy for sure. He used a pillowcase full of canned sodas to take care of business.

In "Escape from Alcatraz," when his art supplies are taken away by the guards, what does "Doc" do to retaliate?

Poor Doc. All he had in Alcatraz was his painting. When they were taken away, he cut off his own fingers to get back at the evil guard.

True or False: In "The Longest Yard," Burt Reynolds plays a prisoner who challenges the guards to a game of rugby.

Burt played football in college, so he liked to work the sport into his movies whenever he could. In this case, he mounted a prisoner team to play the guards.

In "The Great Escape," Charles Bronson's character was really good at what?

Quentin Tarantino referenced Charles Bronson's character's tunnel digging skills in a crude scene from his own movie "Reservoir Dogs."

What did Steve McQueen's character do to pass the time in solitary confinement in "The Great Escape"?

A true American, McQueen used a baseball and mitt to pass the time while in the "hole."

The 1973 movie "Papillon" starred Dustin Hoffman and who else?

Steve McQueen must have liked prison movies. He was Hoffman's co-star in "Papillon" after his turn in "The Great Escape."

Who plays the evil warden in the 1996 Kevin Bacon prison movie "Murder in the First"?

Busey would be a good choice for a crazy warden, but if you want to order up some evil, look no further than Gary Oldman.

In "Midnight Express," Billy Hayes is sent to a Turkish prison after trying to smuggle what?

Billy makes the grave mistake of taping about two kilos of hashish to his body. And when we say grave mistake, we mean it.

The 1980 prison comedy "Stir Crazy" was directed by what actor?

"Stir Crazy" starred Wilder and Pryor, but it was directed by film legend Sidney Poitier.

In the SYSK podcast on prison, what did Chuck say was the most realistic prison movie he's ever seen?

On the show, Chuck cites Steve Buscemi's "Animal Factory" as the most realistic prison movie he's seen.

What was the name of the prisoner football team in the Burt Reynolds prison movie "The Longest Yard"?

Burt and company were known not as the Mean Mothers, but the Mean Machine.

What Rita Hayworth movie do the prisoners watch in "The Shawshank Redemption"?

Tough one, huh? The movie the inmates watch in "Shawshank" is the 1946 Rita Hayworth film "Gilda."

What 1965 prison movie starring Sean Connery was shot in black-and-white by famed director Sidney Lumet?

Winning two Bafta awards for cinematography and screenplay, "The Hill" depicted British soldiers held in a Libyan prison.

"The Green Mile" was based on a serial novel by what author?

Along with "The Shawshank Redemption," "The Green Mile" was a story originally conceived of by author Stephen King.

"Caged Heat" is one example of what kind of exploitation movie?

If you've seen "Caged Heat" then you know it's one of the best examples of the many "women in prison" exploitation movies.

True or False: The Clint Eastwood movie "Escape from Alcatraz" is based on a true story.

Very true -- there was only one escape in the history of the prison island, and Eastwood brought the story to the silver screen.

Besides "The Shawshank Redemption," what other prison movie did actor Tim Robbins have a hand in?

Robbins directed Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon in his death row downer "Dead Man Walking."

In what movie did Denzel Washington play jailed boxer Rubin Carter?

Based on a true story, Washington portrayed Rubin "Hurricane" Carter in the movie of the same name. That's the truth, Ruth.

What famous prisoner of war movie featured a noteworthy whistling scene?

The song, also whistled in "The Breakfast Club," was the "Colonel Bogey March." The movie was "The Bridge on the River Kwai."

What P.O.W. movie was based on the true story of German-American Dieter Dengler?

Director Werner Herzog directed a documentary called "Little Dieter Needs to Fly." He later remade the true story as the feature film "Rescue Dawn."

In prison, and therefore in prison movies, what are new inmates called by the rest of the population?

In almost every prison movie, you'll hear the new inmates referred to as "fish" or "new fish."

"Brubaker" was based on the real-life story of a warden who tried to reform prisons in what state?

Real-life warden Thomas O. Murton did his best to reform two prisons in Arkansas. But he was no Robert Redford.

What 1962 movie told the story of Alcatraz inmate Robert Stroud?

Stroud, famous for his love of birds, was played by actor Burt Lancaster in "Birdman of Alcatraz."

In what movie did William Hurt play a homosexual inmate in a Brazilian prison?

Along with the late Raul Julia, William Hurt starred as a gay inmate in the Brazilian prison movie "Kiss of the Spider Woman."

The true-story prison movie "In the Name of the Father" starred Daniel Day Lewis as one of what?

Day Lewis portrayed Gerry Conlon, a man unjustly convicted for a pub bombing as part of "The Guildford Four."

What brand of beer do the prisoners drink on the rooftop in "The Shawshank Redemption"?

You have to pay attention, but Andy's fellow inmates down Stroh's in the famous rooftop scene.

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