Quiz: Prove You Know Your '70s Slang Words by Acing This Quiz
Prove You Know Your '70s Slang Words by Acing This Quiz
By: Ian Fortey
Image: piola666/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The '70s were a real solid time, ya dig? There were rollerskates as far as the eye could see, "Star Wars" was in the movie theaters and Ziggy Stardust was making people wonder why he looked so much like David Bowie.  Disco was all the rage but rock n' roll was strong and powerful, too. Jaws made everyone afraid to go swimming and the Brady Bunch made everyone afraid of step-siblings. It was a real far-out scene, man! But it all seems so long ago.  In order to ace this quiz, you're going to need to be some kind of '70s slang ninja.  A veritable encyclopedia of disco and roller rinks and super questionable hairstyles.  Are you up to the task?   

Do you live for lava lamps and "Starsky and Hutch?"  Are you still mad that no one asked you to star in "That '70s Show?"  Now's your chance to go full "Charlie's Angels" and show us your stuff.  It's time to say see ya later, alligator to the present and dig deep into the slang of old.  It's time to prove you're the funky, cool cat you always knew you were.  It's time to take the quiz!   Right on, man!

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