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There's a gangster with a vendetta, a couple of hit men out on the town, a briefcase full of mystery, a boxer who needs to take a fall and a potent Bible verse. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about "Pulp Fiction."

If I call you Pumpkin, you should respond by calling me …

The couple holding up the diner call each other Pumpkin and Honey Bunny.


What can you buy in a movie theater in Amsterdam?

It's the little differences, like buying a beer at a movie theater.


What do they call a Quarter Pounder in Paris?

Royale with cheese. Big Mac's a Big Mac, but they call it <i>Le</i> Big Mac.


Why did Marsellus Wallace throw a man off his fourth story balcony?

Jules thinks a foot massage is not an offense worthy of a balcony toss.


Where did Brett and his friends get their cheeseburgers?

Big Kahuna Burger! I hear they got some tasty burgers.


What does Brett say about seven times when Jules asks him what Wallace looks like?

Say "what" one more time. I dare you!


What is Jules' favorite Bible verse?

He doesn’t quite quote the Ezekiel verse correctly, but it's really more about the effect than the theology.


What is Wallace's wife's first name?

Vincent has to take Mia Wallace on a date. Sorry, it's not a date.


Why does Vincent visit the drug dealer Lance?

Vincent buys some high-priced heroin. This will be important later.


What song is playing when Vincent arrives to pick up Mia?

The only one who could ever reach me was the son of a preacher man.


What's the name of the restaurant where Mia and Vincent have dinner?

Ed Sullivan is the host and Buddy Holly is the waiter at Jack Rabbit Slim's.


What was the name of the show Mia did a pilot for?

Mia played the knife expert in "Fox Force Five."


What song do Mia and Vincent dance to?

They dance to Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell."


What does Mia find in Vincent's jacket?

She finds the heroin but thinks it's cocaine and promptly overdoses, rendering Vincent's "I'm not going to have sex with Mia" pep talk moot.


What cereal is Lance eating when Vincent calls him for help with Mia's overdose?

Yes, this is an obscure question. But once you spot the box of Fruit Brute, you'll point it out to your friends every time you watch this movie.


Where did Butch's father die?

Butch's dad was friends with Capt. Koons in a Hanoi, Vietnam, POW camp.


How many wars did the Coolidge watch survive?

It made it through World War I, World War II, Vietnam and two very uncomfortable hiding places.


How does Butch's boxing match end?

Butch accidentally kills Floyd during the match.


What brand of cigarettes does everyone smoke?

A pack of Red Apple costs Butch $1.40.


Why does Butch have to go back to his apartment?

Fabienne doesn’t understand what Butch's father went through to keep the watch.


How does Butch realize Vincent is in his apartment?

Butch stops to have some Pop-Tarts and sees Vincent's gun on the counter.


What book is Vincent reading in the bathroom?

It takes a sharp eye to notice he's reading Peter O'Donnell's "Modesty Blaise."


Where is Butch when he sees Marsellus?

Fate brings them back together at a stoplight.


What does Butch use to kill Maynard, the pawn shop owner?

He considers the chainsaw but goes with the katana.


What are Marsellus' conditions for forgiving Butch's failure to throw the fight?

"Two things: Don’t tell nobody about this … Two: You leave town tonight, right now, and when you go, you stay gone."


How many times does the kid in the bathroom hit Jules and Vincent when he jumps out and fires his gun at them?

He misses with every shot at point-blank range, which Jules considers divine intervention.


Who is Jimmie primarily worried about with regard to the dead body in his garage?

He really does not want Bonnie to come home and find the dead body.


What's on the T-shirt Vincent ends up wearing?

We see Vincent wearing the Banana Slugs shirt "earlier" in Wallace's club due to the nonlinear nature of the movie.


What does Jules intend to do after he delivers the case to Wallace?

The "miracle" inspires him to "walk from place to place, meet people, get in adventures."


What's in the case?

The gleaming golden contents of the case are one of cinema's great mysteries.


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