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The word "miracle" gets thrown around a lot — from religious interventions to near-misses and everything in between. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of major miracles, spiritual and secular.

How many miracles do you need to perform if you want to be a saint?

All prospective saints must perform at least two miracles. To make it even harder, these feats must be performed after death.


What disease killed Pope John Paul II?

Pope John Paul II died of Parkinson's. According to the church, he also performed a miracle by curing a French nun of the same disease just three months after his own death.


Where can you find the only church-recognized weeping Madonna?

Many weeping or bleeding Madonnas have made headlines, but the only official one can be found in Sicily in Italy.


What is the miraculous Lourdes?

The Lourdes Grotto in France is a miraculous site, promising to heal those who drink or bathe in its waters.


The church has officially recognized at least 69 miracles at Lourdes.

Between 1862 and 2013, the church recognized 69 official miracles at Lourdes, mostly involving people who were healed of incurable diseases or conditions.


Where did the Miracle of the Sun occur?

More than 70,000 people witnessed the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, Portugal, when the sun appeared to dance in the sky.


What year did the Miracle of the Sun occur?

The alleged miracle took place in 1917 and may have been due to mass hysteria — or to people staring at the sun for too long searching for a miracle.


What are stigmata?

Padro Pio was just one of many miraculous individuals blessed with stigmata, or bleeding wounds that mimicked the wounds of Christ. Oh, and he could also levitate.


Where did a famous miracle occur in 1531?

Guadalupe, Mexico, was the site of a much publicized miracle in 1531 known as "Our Lady of Guadalupe."


What did a simple peasant take from the Virgin Mary to give to the bishop in the Guadalupe miracle?

Juan Diego carried flowers from Mary to the local bishop to convince the holy man of the Virgin's presence.


What is a tilma?

When Diego opened his tilma, or poncho, an image of Mary miraculously appeared. The tilma is a popular attraction for pilgrims to this day.


Whose image appeared at a Cairo church in 1968?

Miracle-believers claim that Mary appeared repeatedly on top of a Coptic Orthodox Church in Zeitoun, Cairo, back in 1968.


Who is the patron saint of flying?

St. Joseph of Cupertino is the patron saint of aviators and flying.


How many times did St. Joseph of Cupertino levitate in front of witnesses?

Joseph would get so caught up in a prayer or Mass that he levitated no less than 70 times in front of witnesses during his lifetime.


What piece of the long-dead St. Januarius remains on display in Naples?

A few times a year, the solidified blood of St. Januarius miraculously liquefies, often just in time to mark a particularly holy date.


Which pope witnessed the liquefaction of the blood during a visit to Naples in 2015?

The blood of St. Januarius liquefied for Pope Francis in 2015, the first such liquefaction in the audience of a pope since 1848.


How did Francis make the blood liquefy?

Francis kissed the container holding the blood, which made the blood within liquefy but only halfway.


Where is Medjugorje located?

Millions of pilgrims head to Medjugorje, Bosnia, each year to witness frequent apparitions of the Virgin Mary.


What pope beatified Mother Teresa?

After Mother Teresa performed her first miracle — curing a man's abdominal tumor — she was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2003.


A man from this country gave Mother Teresa the second verified miracle she needed for sainthood.

Teresa miraculously cured a Brazilian man's brain tumor in 2008, an event that was officially declared a miracle by Pope Francis in 2015.


In the Jewish faith, how long did one night's worth of oil last?

Hanukkah recognizes a miracle within the Jewish faith, when one night's worth of oil managed to keep a lamp lit for eight nights.


Where did the Our Lady of Laus events take place?

Between 1664 and 1718, Mary appeared repeatedly, sometimes for hours at a time, in the French Alps.


Who finds an unexpected coin in a fish's mouth in the Bible?

Peter is able to pay his temple tax after miraculously pulling a coin from the mouth of a fish.


What idol lies at the center of an ancient Babylonian miracle?

Some extended versions of the Bible tell the story of a Babylonian idol named Bel, who was gifted 40 sheep and many other treasures each day by the local people.


Who survived the lions in the tale of "Bel and the Dragon"?

For refusing to worship a false god, Daniel was miraculously spared by the lions in "Bel and the Dragon."


What do believers claim can be seen on the Shroud of Turin?

The Shroud of Turin, allegedly the burial cloth of Christ, reportedly features a well-formed portrait of Jesus himself.


True or false: The Shroud of Turin probably isn't old enough to be the burial cloth of Christ.

Most carbon-dating tests date the Shroud of Turin to around the 13th century, which suggest that it's actually a forgery or perhaps a burial cloth used long after the days of Jesus.


What is the only miracle mentioned in all four gospels of the Bible?

The feeding of the 5,000, in which five loaves of bread and two fish mysteriously multiply, is the only miracle mentioned in all four books of the Bible.


What percentage of Americans believe in miracles?

In a 2010 Pew study encompassing both religious and nonreligious individuals, 79 percent of the respondents stated that they believed in miracles.


True or false: Catholics are more likely than people of other faiths to believe in miracles.

People who identify as Evangelical Protestant or who belong to historically black Protestant churches are more likely than Catholics to believe in miracles.


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