Put Your Mayberry Memory to the Test With This Quiz About “The Andy Griffith Show”

By: Katie Ormsby

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Sheriff Andy Taylor, his son Opie and all of the residents of Mayberry warmed hearts for eight seasons. They've continued to make audiences laugh and teach valuable lessons ever since "The Andy Griffith Show" premiered in 1960. Take a trip back to Mayberry and see how well you remember this beloved series!

What are Andy and Opie doing in the opening credits?

Every episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" opens with Andy and Opie heading out for a day of fishing while the whistled theme song plays. 🎣😗🎶It instantly establishes the show's sweet father-son dynamic.


After Andy, Opie and Barney lie about liking Aunt Bee's homemade ________, she enters them in a contest. Can you fill in the blank?

So they can stomach eating them, the boys replace the jars of Aunt Bee's pickles that taste like "kerosene" with store-bought pickles. Aunt Bee had decided to skip entering the pickle contest this year, but she changes her mind when she thinks they're a big hit with Andy, Barney and Opie. The boys struggle with how to break the truth to Aunt Bee.


Andy dates one of Opie's teachers. What's her name?

Over the course of the series, widower Andy dates Helen, Ellie and Peggy. In the series premiere of "Mayberry R.F.D.," Andy and Helen get married. Thelma Lou is, of course, Barney's longtime girlfriend. They don't get married until "Return to Mayberry," the 1986 TV movie that reunited the cast.


Who plays the beautiful manicurist who comes to town and makes the wives of Mayberry jealous?

Before "I Dream of Jeannie," Barbara Eden stops by Mayberry. When she starts working at Floyd's Barbershop, she gets very little business. It's a hangout spot for the men of Mayberry and they don't want to get manicures. After she overhears Andy making fun of the idea, he feels so bad that he gets a manicure and talks the other men into getting one, convincing them that it's a chance to have a pretty girl hold their hand.


Why does Opie only donate three cents to the Underprivileged Children's Drive?

Andy is very disappointed in Opie when he hears how little he donated to the charity drive at school. The sheriff thinks it's ridiculous when Opie tells him that he is saving up to buy something for his girlfriend and spends the episode trying to teach his son about the importance of giving back. Eventually, we find out that Opie wants to buy his girlfriend a coat because hers is worn out and her family can't afford a new one. Aww. 💕


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