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Quail Unlimited is a non-profit American organization dedicated primarily to conserving quail, but also helps doves, game birds and other avian creatures. Established in 1981, the group has now several hundred chapters across the U.S. Learn more about the history and mission of Quail Unlimited by taking our quiz.

Which of the following tops the list of the National Audubon Society's survey of common birds in decline?

The Northern Bobwhite Quail is the leading common bird in decline in recent decades.


What is Quail Unlimited?

Quail Unlimited (QU) is one of America's most renowned quail conservation organizations.


What is the fundamental reason for the long-term decline of quail?

The decline has primarily resulted from the loss of quality habitat.


Where is Quail Unlimited's national headquarters located?

QU's national office is located just outside the town of Edgefield, South Carolina.


Quail Unlimited's national headquarter is spread over ____ acres of land.

The organization's national headquarter extends over 90 acres (36 hectares) of land.


What do quail need to thrive?

Quail need a wide range of grasses, legumes and weeds to thrive.


Which type of grasses are generally used for nesting cover by quail?

Grasses such as Bermuda grass and fescue are generally used by quail for nesting cover.


When was the U.S. Endangered Species Act passed?

One of many environmental laws, the Endangered Species Act was passed in the 1970s.


When was Quail Unlimited established?

Quail Unlimited was established in 1981 to conserve the declining quail populations in North America.


Which U.S. organization was first formed to conserve quail?

Quail Unlimited was the first non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of quail in North America.


Where was the first chapter of Quail Unlimited formed?

Quail Unlimited's first chapter was formed in Augusta, Ga.


How many Quail Unlimited's chapters are there in the U.S.?

There are more than 800 chapters of Quail Unlimited spread across the United States.


Quail Unlimited has chapters in more than ____ states.

Quail Unlimited's more than 800 chapters are located in more than 30 states.


When did Quail Unlimited and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation start working together?

The two organizations formed a funding partnership in 1993.


What is the vision of Quail Unlimited?

The overall vision of Quail Unlimited is to restore America's quail populations for future generations.


Which of the following statement is true?

Quail Forever is a similar unaffiliated, nonprofit conservation organization.


Which biotech company teams up with a similar organization, Quail Forever to conserve quail?

Monsanto, a leading agrichemical manufacturer, collaborates with Quail Forever to conserve quail.


What is the name of the controversial pesticide made by Monsanto?

Roundup is the brand-name of Monsanto's controversial pesticide. Monsanto has pledged to donate $1 to quail conservation efforts for every gallon (3.79 liters) of Roundup purchased.


What is Quail Unlimited's annual membership fee for an adult?

Annual membership in Quail Unlimited costs $30 for adults, but is only $10 for those under 18 years of age.


What is the cost of Quail Unlimited's Mentor membership?

A Mentor membership provides all annual benefits and one free youth membership for $50.


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