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There are many options for today's kitchen counters. One substance that is growing in popularity as a countertop is quartz. But is it a wise choice? Take this quiz to see what you know about quartz countertops.

What room becomes a focal point at most dinner or cocktail parties?

There are many potential reasons for this, but most of them relate to a certain comfort level most people associate with kitchens.


How much did the average American kitchen renovation cost in 2006?

Kitchen renovations are amongst the most expensive remodels you can do in your house. But since you will probably spend a lot of time there, it may be worthwhile.


On average, how much return on investment do most mid-range kitchen renovations deliver?

With such a high return on investment, kitchen renovations are often easier to justify financially as well.


Why is changing countertops one of the most dramatic ways you can upgrade your kitchen's look?

Other than the floor or ceiling in your kitchen, your counters probably take up the most visible space in your entire kitchen.


When did quartz countertops first hit the market?

Since their debut, quartz countertops have gained popularity. Such countertops are engineered from 93 percent quartz mixed with colorants and binders.


Why is quartz a good substance to use for countertops?

Because of its many benefits, including its durability, quartz has become a favored material for countertops.


What are Silestone and Zodiaq?

Silestone currently has the edge in the market, but both are commercially available brands of quartz countertops.


What is the price range for quartz countertops?

An average-sized kitchen and a countertop in the middle of the price range would cost around $1,250. However, this cost also includes professional installation.


Why might you want a quartz countertop instead of a granite one, which costs about the same and is more standard in kitchens?

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Earth, behind only sapphires, topaz and diamond. It is, however, less expensive than all of those other stones.


What are the benefits of quartz countertops' nonporous nature?

Some quartz countertops have other anti-microbials mixed in, but they are already somewhat resistant to the growth of microorganisms since they are not porous.


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