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"Quizzes! Do you speak it?" Quentin Tarantino is one of the most prolific and polarizing filmmakers of the last few decades. How well do you know his complex mind?

What movie was the first feature film Tarantino directed?

"Reservoir Dogs" was Tarantino's first feature, though he directed a student film in the 1980s.


True or false: Tarantino has appeared in every film in which he is the primary director.

Tarantino makes at least a cameo appearance in all of the films he directs (the one in "Kill Bill" is hard to spot).


Who kills Vincent Vega in "Pulp Fiction?"

Butch kills Vincent with Vincent's own machine gun in Butch's apartment.


Why does Joe assign the codenames in "Reservoir Dogs" instead of letting the guys pick their own?

Joe has no patience for crooks arguing over who gets the cooler codename.


What novel is "Jackie Brown" based on?

"Jackie Brown" is an adaptation of "Rum Punch."


What group was the Bride originally a member of in "Kill Bill?"

She was a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad before the other Vipers betrayed her.


On which movie based on a "Saturday Night Live" skit was Tarantino an uncredited writer?

Tarantino claims he worked on the script for "It's Pat," and why would anyone try to take credit for that if it wasn't true?


Why is Butch in trouble with Marsellus in "Pulp Fiction"?

Butch not only won the boxing match, he killed the other boxer.


Although Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez collaborated on "Grindhouse," which segment did Tarantino primarily write and direct?

"Death Proof" is Tarantino's version of a slasher film starring a stunt man who uses his car as a weapon.


Why is Django freed from slavery in "Django Unchained?"

Tracking down the Brittle Brothers is just the beginning of Django's post-slavery life.


Who do they call in to clean up the car in "Pulp Fiction?"

Winston Wolfe, played by Harvey Keitel, comes in to direct the cleanup of the bloody car.


What is the name of Django's wife in "Django Unchained?"

Django's quest to free Broomhilda is central to the movie's plot.


Marquis Warren carries a letter written to him by whom in "The Hateful Eight?"

Lincoln personally wrote the letter to Warren (its authenticity is questionable).


How do the "Inglourious Basterds" intend to assassinate Nazi leaders?

The Nazis are to be burned alive while watching a propaganda film.


What color is associated with the Bride in "Kill Bill"?

The Bride often drives yellow vehicles and wears yellow athletic gear.


What was Tarantino's role in the production of the 1993 film "True Romance?"

Tarantino wrote the screenplay, but the movie was directed by Tony Scott.


What were the crooks planning to steal in "Reservoir Dogs"?

They're stealing diamonds when the heist goes south.


Which of these movies did Tarantino direct part of?

He directed some of the driving scenes in the Frank Miller/Robert Rodriguez collaboration "Sin City."


When Vincent and Mia go on their date to the restaurant, their waiter is portraying what 50s icon?

The Buddy Holly waiter is played by Steve Buscemi.


What is the name of the mansion and estate where the climax of "Django Unchained" takes place?

Candyland is named for the slave-owning Candie family.


What soldier's nickname enrages Hitler in "Inglourious Basterds"?

Donny "The Bear Jew" Donowitz was played by Eli Roth.


Who said, "Are you gonna bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna bite?"

Michael Madsen as Mr. Blonde says the famous line to Harvey Keitel's Mr. White.


What is the bet in Tarantino's segment of "Four Rooms," "The Man from Hollywood?"

If Norman's lighter fails to light 10 times in a row, his pinkie finger will be chopped off (spoiler: it fails on the first try).


What is the title of the fictional Nazi propaganda film central to the plot of "Inglourious Basterds?"

The film is called "Stolz der Nation," "Nation's Pride."


What does Mr. Blonde slice off of the cop in "Reservoir Dogs?"

Mr. Blonde cuts off the cop's ear, then talks into it as a joke.


What weapon does Gogo use to battle the Bride in "Kill Bill?"

The metal ball on a chain battle is one of the film's more memorable fight scenes.


What does Aldo Raine do to Nazis (the ones he doesn’t kill) in "Inglourious Basterds?"

He carves swastikas into their foreheads so they can never hide the fact that they were Nazis.


In "From Dusk till Dawn," which Tarantino wrote, what on-screen role did he play?

Tarantino plays the creepy psychopath Richie Gecko.


What is the name of the vehicle the Bride drives when she first leaves the hospital in "Kill Bill?"

The Bride takes the Pussy Wagon from its previous owner, the sleazebag who raped her while she was in a coma. She is not fond of the truck's name.


What is Jackie Brown's job at the beginning of "Jackie Brown?"

Jackie uses her job as a flight attendant to smuggle cash.


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