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Home repairs can be so overwhelming that many homeowners simply put them off. It's important to know how to do some simple household repairs. Fixing things yourself can make life easier and save you money. Take our quiz and test your knowledge of 10 simple tricks for quick home fixes.

Fresh flowers can brighten and beautify your home. What should you do to the water to keep flowers fresh for as long as possible?

Add to their water a dash or two of vodka. This will keep the flowers perky and prevent the growth of algae.


For great looking leather items, what fruit should you buy at the grocery?

A banana can help keep your dark-colored leather items looking new.


How can a banana renew dark-colored leather?

With the inside of a banana peel, rub the leather and then buff with a soft, dry cloth till shiny.


If dripping candle wax is not on the menu of your next dinner party, what should you do to prevent dripping wax?

Several hours before lighting candles, place the candles in the refrigerator. Cooling the wax will minimize the drips, but not totally eliminate them.


If I store candles in the refrigerator for longer than a few hours, will the candles be ruined?

You may refrigerate candles for an unlimited time. To protect food from the candle's fragrance, you may want to seal scented candles in plastic.


What household product is great for cleaning paint brushes?

Vinegar is great for cleaning dried paint brushes.


How do you clean dried paint brushes with vinegar?

Soften dried paint brushes by soaking in hot vinegar. After a good soak ,use a wire brush to separate the bristles and remove the remaining paint.


How can you improve the grip of a screwdriver?

Wrapping a thick rubber band around the plastic handle of a screwdriver will improve your grip, and it will make tightening and loosening screws an easier task.


What is a simple fix to remove ink stains from your skin?

Simply put tomato juice on a cloth and rub the stains from your skin.


What bath product may quiet squeaky floorboards?

Squeaky floorboards may be silenced by sprinkling talcum powder between the boards.


What is an inexpensive solution for squeaky door hinges?

A bit of generic vegetable oil squirted or dripped on the door hinges will quiet the squeak.


If dripping oil on door hinges is too messy for you, you may try this less messy, but still inexpensive, alternative.

Generic vegetable cooking spray will also quiet squeaky hinges and is less messy than dripping oil.


How can you get mildew out of wet towels?

A simple machine wash, with regular detergent, will remove the mildew from towels.


How can you remove mildew from non-washables such as leather shoes?

To remove mildew, wipe stains with a cloth that has been dipped into rubbing alcohol. To check for color fastness, make sure to do a spot test first.


For deep-set mildew stains, you may try what treatment?

For deep-set stains, you may need to pour vinegar over the item.


If the alcohol treatment fades your shoes, what went wrong?

Before your treated with the alcohol, you did not check for color fastness.


How can you prevent tools from rusting?

Place some children's sidewalk chalk in the toolbox to absorb moisture.


If your tools have already rusted, what can you do?

Make a paste out of salt and lemon juice and polish off the rust. You will need six parts salt and two parts lemon juice to make the paste. After polishing, rinse and dry the tools.


Candles are used for lighting and also to create a:

Candles are used to set a mood. For all occasions, whether a birthday party or a romantic evening, candles can make the moment even more special.


To prevent rust from ruining your tools, where is the best place to store them?

To prevent tools from rusting, the best place to store them is a dry location.


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