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Quidditch may have started on the pages of Harry Potter, but fans who grew up with these books have transformed the game into a real-life sport for muggles and pure-bloods alike.

What is quidditch named for?

The name quidditch comes from Queerditch Marsh, where the first modern games of quidditch were played in the 11th century.


How many goals does each team have?

Each team has to defend three goals — in the form of giant hoops — while attempting to score on the opponent's three matching goal hoops.


What ball is thrown through the hoops to score points?

Players aim the quaffle — a red leather ball measuring 12 inches in diameter — at the goals in an attempt to score points.


How many bludgers are used in each quidditch match?

There are two bludgers, which are made of iron, in each match. The balls are heavy and are bewitched to attack the player closest to them.


How many beaters are on each team?

Each quidditch team has two beaters, who use bats to control the direction of the bludgers.


How many points will you earn if you throw the quaffle through one of the goals?

Each time you succeed in passing the quaffle through a hoop, you earn 10 points for your team.


How many points do players earn for catching the golden snitch?

The golden snitch is an enchanted flying ball the size of a walnut. It's so fast and small that it's tough to catch, and players who manage to capture the snitch earn 150 points for their team.


How long does a quidditch game last?

A quidditch game has no set time period — it lasts until one of the players catches the golden snitch.


How many players are on a quidditch team?

A quidditch team consists of 7 players.


What is the name of the player who blocks the goal?

In quidditch, the goals are manned by a keeper, who tries to keep the other team from scoring.


What was Harry Potter's position in quidditch?

Harry played seeker for Gryffindor — his job was to catch the golden snitch.


How many chasers are on each team?

There are three chasers on each team who are responsible for scoring goals using the quaffle.


Players once used a real bird in the place of the snitch.

Early quidditch players chased a Golden Snidget — a type of bird — until the current snitch was designed in the 14th century.


Players can use their wands to cast spells on other players during the game.

While every player has a right to have his wand with him on the pitch, he is forbidden from using it against any player, ball or spectator during the game.


When was the first Quidditch World Cup held?

The first World Cup took place in 1473, though all participants were from Europe. The match has been held every four years since that time.


How many recorded fouls are there in the quidditch rule books?

There are more than 700 possible quidditch fouls, but 90 percent of them are impossible to commit without using a wand.


What's it called when you hold the tale of another player's broom to slow him down?

Blagging — a type of foul — occurs when a player grabs the tale of another player's broom.


What term describes flying straight at another player with the intent to collide?

When you blatch, you fly straight at another player, with plans to run right into him.


Chasers won't get points if they're holding the quaffle as it passes through the goal.

Holding the quaffle through the goal is caller haversacking, and it's against the rules. You must throw the quaffle through the hoop to earn points.


Any player can earn 150 points for catching the snitch.

Only the seeker can catch the snitch. If another player does so, it's known as snitchnip, and it's considered a foul.


Which players can commit a Wronski Feint?

In the Wronski Feint, the seeker streaks towards the ground, pretending to see the snitch. He pulls up at the last minute, hoping his opponent will follow him and end up hitting the ground.


What position did Ron Weasley play?

Ron joined the team as a keeper during his 5th year at Hogwarts, inspiring Slytherin to sing, "Weasley is our king" due to his poor keeper skills.


What position did Fred and George play?

Fred and George were both beaters when they played for Gryffindor.


Why did Draco Malfoy win the role of seeker?

After Lucius Malfoy bought racing brooms for the entire Slytherin team, Malfoy was given the role of seeker.


What country does Viktor Krum hail from?

Quidditch star Viktor Krum played for the Bulgarian national team when he was just 18. He also wooed Hermione during a visit to Hogwarts.


Which of these positions did Ginny never hold?

Ginny was a chaser, though she briefly took over as seeker when Harry lost his position on the team.


What was the title of the 2014 documentary about the real-life sport of quidditch?

"Mudbloods" told the story of the UCLA quidditch team and their path to the Quidditch World Cup.


What college is credited with starting the sport of quidditch?

Students at Middlebury College in Vermont brought the sport of quidditch to life in 2005. Today, the sport has more than 4,000 players around the world.


In real-life quidditch, players have ditched the brooms.

Team quidditch players "ride" on brooms or PVC pipes to mimic the action in the "Harry Potter" novels.


The snitch is worth much less in real-life quidditch than it is in the novels.

According to the official rules of quidditch, players pick up 30 points for catching the snitch — compared to 150 points in the books.


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