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You've had your fair share of the standard vacation activities, and now you're looking for something new. Why not try a festival -- the unusual type. Throughout North America people gather to celebrate the quirky side of life. Take our quiz to learn more about eight really quirky festivals that take place in North America.

Where does the annual Contraband Days Pirate Festival take place?

Every year in May, people gather on the shores of Lake Charles to celebrate the legend of buccaneer Jean Lafitte's buried treasure.


Approximately how many people attend the Pirate Festival?

The Contraband Days Pirate Festival attracts over 100,000 people, who take part in the 100 or so events offered.


In which of these west coast cities is the Faux Film Festival held?

Not everyone is interested in the seriousness of Cannes or Sundance. Portland, Oregon is the place to go for a light-hearted film festival featuring the silly and the outrageous.


In which venue is the Faux Film Festival held?

The festival is held at the Hollywood Theater, which seats 460 people and is packed for every screening.


The Faux Film Festival takes place in which month?

Come to Portland in March for sock puppet pranks and celluloid spoofs.


Where should you go to celebrate Barnesville Potato Days?

Since 1938 people have been gathering in Barnesville, Minnesota to celebrate the glorious versatility of the potato. You won't believe how many ways there are to prepare a spud!


How many people come each year to enjoy Potato Days?

The Barnesville Potato Days festival attracts over 14,000 starch starved participants.


When does the potato festival take place?

Come to Barnesville in late August and enjoy some potato soup, potato pancakes, and potato dumplings, just to name a few items.


Which type of snake is featured at the Freer Roundup?

Freer, Texas is home to the Rattlesnake Roundup, a festival dedicated to all things rattlesnake.


When is the Rattlesnake Roundup held?

You can come to Freer in May, to learn everything there is to know about rattlesnakes.


Which east coast state is home to BugFest?

Raleigh, North Carolina is the place to be in September. After all, who doesn't want to attend a festival dedicated to bugs?


How many people attend BugFest each year?

BugFest attracts around 25,000 people, who come to see, feel, and even taste various sorts of bugs.


What is the name of the BugFest restaurant that serves dishes with actual bugs?

At Café Insecta you can find such delicious offerings as Three-bug Salad and Stir-fried Cantonese Crickets.


Nanaimo, Canada is in which Canadian province?

Come to Nanaimo, British Columbia to participate in the Great International World Championship Bathtub Race.


How long is the World Championship Bathtub Race?

As many as 200 participants make their way through a 36-mile (58-kilometer) course in just about any kind of bathtub-like item you can think of.


When was the first bathtub race held in Nanaimo?

Since 1967 people have been gathering near the Straights of Georgia for the Great International World Championship Bathtub Race.


What was the name of the top-secret atomic project conducted in the U.S. during WWII?

The Manhattan Project was a super-secret effort on the part of the United States to be the first to develop an atomic weapon.


Where is the Secret City Festival held?

Secret City is the nickname of Oakridge, Tennessee, where the headquarters of the Manhattan Project were located.


Frozen Dead Guy Days is a festival held in which Colorado city?

In Nederland, Colorado people gather every March to pay homage to a frozen man -- yes, an actual, frozen man.


How many people come to Frozen Dead Guy Days?

About 7,000 come to Nederland to participate in coffin races, frozen beach volleyball, and the antique hearse parade.


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