Quiz: Which Movie Title Accurately Describes Your Love Life?

Emily Maggrett

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About This Quiz

Is your love life "A Series of Unfortunate Events" or is it more like "Beauty and the Beast"? Whether your relationship is "Frozen," "Psycho" or "Fast and Furious," this quiz can figure it out! All you have to do is tell us the truth about how your relationships are going. For example, is your husband driving you nuts? Or are you more in love with your wife now than on the day you married her? Perhaps you're chronically single and sad about it, complaining to your dog every night? Or are you chronically single and happy about it, since your last relationship made you feel like you were squandering your potential? 

Don't be embarrassed to share what's going on. Love is a battlefield, and most of us have the scars to prove it. This quiz is just a fun way to summarize your romantic journey, regardless of whether it's been as exciting as "The French Connection" or as dull as "Ordinary People."

So, are you ready to find out whether our quiz supercomputer will call your love life "The Greatest Show on Earth," "Interview with the Vampire" or "Apocalypse Now"? Stop watching "The Long Kiss Goodnight" and come play this quiz!

When's the last time you had fun in the bedroom?

Do you sometimes find your partner annoying?

How are you spending Friday night?

Have you ever dated more than one person at once?

Do you fight with your partners? What about?

Are other people's opinions about your relationships important to you?

Is dating scary for you?

Who would you rather spend time with, your friends or your partner?

Have you ever been dumped?

Who do you snuggle with in bed?

How long have you been in your current relationship?

Do you think your partner is the most charming person in the world?

Would you say your love life is complicated?

Have you ever been cheated on?

How do you feel after a bad date?

Are you single?

Do you have a million funny stories about your various exes?

Would you rather be alone and happy or coupled up and miserable?

What kind of music puts you in a romantic mood?

Are you a big flirt? Does it get you in trouble?

For you to be happy, what kind of love must you have in your life?

What kind of kisser are you?

Would you rather leave someone else or be left?

Have you ever been on a date without realizing it was a date?

Can you complete this sentence? "I'm a _______ in the streets and a __________ between the sheets"?

Do you consider yourself "damaged goods," or do you not believe in that idea?

Have you ever felt smothered by a relationship?

How do you feel about big weddings?

Do you believe in monogamy?

Which of these quotes sums up your love life?

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